Eycott Hill

Height: 1,132 Feet - 345 Metres
Grid Ref: NY 386 294
Area: Northern
Group: N/BLE
Ordnance Survey: OL5

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Eycott Hill (R) and Little Ecott Hill (L)


Walks including Eycott Hill are:-

Walking the Birketts, Eycott Hill

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17th March 2019
ASCENT: 490 Feet - 150 Metres
MILES: 1.8
BIRKETTS: Eycott Hill - Little Eycott Hill
ROUTE: Mungrisdale Road - Barrow Beck - Westing Barn (Ruin) - Naddles Beck - Eycott Hill - Little Eycott Hill - Naddles Beck - Barrow Beck - Mungrisdale Road

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