Karrimor Spike 25 Ltr Pack
The first daypack I bought, it's been with me for almost for six years. I'm fond of the deep side pockets which are great for water bottles and my Satsuma’s during the Summer. The only reason I’m not using it as much these days is the simple fact it can't hold all my gear anymore .That doesn’t mean it never served me well.


Berghaus Twenty Four Seven Day Pack
I purchased the twenty four seven for the main reason it was H20 compatible and it served me well during the Summer months but sadly as with the Spike above I needed to upgrade to accommodate more gear as Winter approaches.


Vango Explore 65 Ltr Pack

Ideal for Wild Camping and extremely comfortable to carry even when it's full to capacity the padded straps and back support take the strain. I Only used this pack once for a few wild camps and if I remember rightly it was a bargain at only £30.00


Berghaus Arête 45 Ltr Pack
The Berghaus Arête looks great and is a really comfortable backpack which seems to hug the back with no roll or pitch when coming down rocky traverses or steep ascents. The Arête is waterproof with a separate lined inner liner keeping your gear dry. The Arête is H20 compatible and has a whistle built into the chest strap. This pack seems to have a strap for everything including walking poles and Ice axes.


Berghaus 45Ltr Back Pack Rain Cover
Bought only when I finally learned my lesson that nothing is waterproof, A bargain at just £12.99 inc Shipping it's worth spending time on the internet searching for the best deal as some online stores were charging upwards of £18.00. I opted for size small as my current  pack is a 45Ltr and the size is perfect, it comes with draw strings and a nip strap to ensure the perfect fit.


Lowe Alpine Crag Attack 30 Ltr Pack

I found myself accustomed to carrying my  Berghaus Arête 45 Ltr  throughout the winter months and the previous Summer, this technical pack is a great medium to heavy weight pack that even on long excursions is comfortable and accommodating, fully loaded the Crag Attack  would easily carry 15 kilo’s comfortably and the side straps, four in each are useful for getting that 7 tight pack even more comfortable to shoulder.


Montane Medusa 32 Ltr Pack
It's still early days for the Montane Medusa but overall the main advantage of the Medusa has over my Lowe Alpine Crag Attack is its lightness despite being two litres larger. The Montane Medusa brings the lightweight technical pack into 2014 with its compact design and stylish looks.

Osprey Kestral 38Ltr Pack
I purchased the Osprey Kestral in Spring 2015 and was impressed as soon I picked it up in the shop. This Kestral is a 38ltr but larger versions are available. The pack is extremely comfortable due to its rigid internal frame which distributes weight evenly across the back. The pack comes with its own built in rain cover along with an internal dry pocket and key ring. Both shoulder and waist straps are foam padded for extra comfort, the only niggle that lets the Kestral down was how fiddly the waist strap pocket zips are to use, other than that a fantastic fully recommended year round pack.

Osprey Stratos 36Ltr Pack
After two years of continuous use season through season the rigid frame on my Kestral pack for some reason weakend which resulted in chaffing of the waist along my left side to a point were it became too uncomfortable to wear the pack. This was a great reason to go shopping and I picked up the Stratos from my local Go Outdoors for the bargain price of £89.00 You may ask why buy another Osprey pack if my previous one had left me down and the answer is simple, they are fantastic, revolutionary in design and very comfortable packs.


Berghaus 65Ltr Trailhead Pack
Awaiting review.