Hats and Gloves

Extremities Windstopper Glove
I've had a pair of Winstopper gloves for as long as I can remember and although they are not waterproof they are water repellent and keep the wind out incredibly well.


Rab Phantom Fit Windproof Glove

I purchased the Rab Phantom glove during Autumn 2013 to replace my ever trust worthy Extremities Windstoppers. They are in every way a technical glove that are windproof rather than a windproof glove that is technical too if that makes sense. As useful as they are while using maps and gadgets on the mountain, getting a firm grip over wet rock whilst wearing them, unlike the Extremities, is almost suicidal, as I found out for myself out in the field.

The gel pads are useful leaving that technical touch to most things, but as stated they are not to be trusted in wet, add to this during some extreme buffering experienced I found the wind had somehow pierced the soft shell and the chill was soon felt, something that I never experienced with the cheaper Extremities Windstoppers.


Mountain Equipment GTX Winter Glove
I purchased these Mountain Equipment Winter gloves over two years ago and I can probably count on one hand (no pun intended!) the amount of times I have actually used them. The GTX glove offers full Winter protection including breathability together with cowhide palms and a warm fleece lining plus draw loops.

Sealskinz Helvellyn Glove
The Sealskinz Helvellyn glove came with a waterproof guarantee which was put to test on their maiden walk during prolonged heavy rainfall in the dead of Winter. The glove held out the water keeping my hands warm and toasty for around three hours but after that the tips of the fingers started to fill with water leaving my hands painfully cold, a decent glove but not fully waterproof as Sealskinz would like you to think.

Karrimor Phantom Windproof Beanie
The Karrimor Phantom beanie is one of my best beanies which after two years of wearing and washing still keeps the wind and rain out. Bought for less than £10.00 it's far better than some of the premium brands hats that I've paid up to three times as much for.

Mammut Tweak Beanie
A great snug fit and reasonably priced but lacks in windproof-ness, still a great design which I tend to use when on dog walks instead of the Lakeland fells.

Mountain Equipment Plain Knitted Beanie
I've had this particular beanie for some years and usually switch it between my Karrimor Phantom depending on my mood.

Mountain Equipment Raven Beanie
This beanie dates as far back as 2011 and I wore it the day I completed my first tour of the Wainwrights. I tend to keep it as a spare these days.

Trekmates Dry Trapper Hat
A waterproof and breathable trapper hat that I'm yet to wear.

North Face Distressed Baseball Cap
Base ball caps are a part of my walking kit as my backpack is these days, they are great for keeping the wind out of your eyes and the sweat on a sunny day from running down the front of your face, unfortunately the latter tends to ruin the cap after a few weeks especially through the Summer months and I found that North Face brand tends to last me the longest. This particular cap is sadly no longer available but I still wear it anyway in its faded, sweaty state...apparently the look gives me character or so I've been told!

Jack Wolfskin Baseball Cap
A great looking cap which would be ideal for use around town but sadly that is were it ends. After just a few wears the colour fades really quickly and for someone who tends to sweat a lot in heat this cap, despite its good looks, wasn't the best of purchases.