Trousers and Shorts


Montane Terra Walking Trousers

Purchased a few years ago and still going strong the Montane Terra are my preferred light weight walking trousers. Most walking trousers come with an active cut high lift crotch and the Terra are no exception as I find this type of cut a must have in my walking wardrobe. The trousers also come with mesh lined zip-vents along the thighs which come in handy walking during those hot summer months, adding to this are two zip pockets and one security pocket with zip. The Montane Terra trousers tick all the walkers boxes also adding that this particular trouser is one of the best and most sought after outdoor trouser.

Although the Terra wick away sweat and are extremely quick drying the Terra pants are not waterproof, yet work well with an added over trouser during the wet weather.


Montane Terra Stretch Walking Trousers

As above Montane the Terra never fail to impress with their carefully engineered walking trousers with all emphasis on comfort and design. There's no need to fix something that isn’t broke, and that’s exactly what Montane are doing with the Terra pant.


Rab Vapour Rise Guide Weather Proof Walking Trousers

I’ve been on the lookout for a highly breathable, fast wicking and windproof walking trouser to replace my Berghaus Deluge over trousers which I've had for some time now, the Berghaus Deluge still come highly recommended as an over trouser and have never have failed me, their only failure is in the name itself 'over trouser'

As a fell walker getting caught out in the odd downpour comes with the territory although I do feel I’ve seen my fair share of ‘downing pack and reaching for the over trousers. The Rab Vapour Rise puts an end to this almost instantly. Although the Vapour Rise don’t claim to be fully waterproof they are highly wicking and incredibly windproof, add a fleece lining along with excellent breathability together with crampon patches around the inside hem to avoid the hem being damaged the Vapour Rise is an all round fantastic Winter trouser.


North Face Convertible Walking Trousers
Purchased at the start of my walking career as a replacement for the current Crag Hoppers I had been using. I was left feeling disappointed as this trouser felt cumbersome and less free for mountain manoeuvrability, adding to the disappointment was the weight of the trousers, more an outdoor walk around town or dog walking may suit this particular trouser better than high up on the fells.

Mountain Equipment Ibex Softshell Trousers
The Ibex for me has to be amongst the best winter walking trouser so much so I'm on my second pair now, fleece lined the Ibex keeps the draft out while keeping your legs warm and comfortable due to the active fit. My only niggle is the logo above the left knee seems to quickly fall apart in the wash, a small price to pay for such a great Winter trouser.

Montane Alpine Trek Walking Trousers
Awaiting review.


Berghaus Deluge Waterproof Over Trousers

My Berghaus Deluge have been with me for quite some time now nestled away in the bottom of my pack. They are a fantastic over trouser but I can't help feel that the over trouser is somewhat dated now with the new fleece lined waterproof trouser thus no need to wear anything underneath.

The Deluge are not just great at being waterproof, try them on a windy summit to keep your legs nice and toasty.


Mountain Equipment Mission Winter Trouser (Softshell)
Awaiting review.


Craghoppers Noselife Mens Shorts
What can I say about Craghoppers and the Noselife range, I can go so far to say that every pair of outdoor shorts I have owned over the past five years have come from this range, comfortable, light and quick drying spending time trawling the internet for Summer shorts stops here.

Berghaus Fast Dry Shorts
An addition to my walking wardrobe through Summer 2016. These shorts have a more active fit than the Craghoppers Noselife and also have a high waistline for added comfort.

Mountain Equipment Ibex Short
A great addition to my Summer atire the Ibex shorts have an active fit, stylish and quick drying.