Parking Information for - Parking Spaces, Newlands Valley Road Just Outside Stair

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: CA12 5UF
Grid Reference: NY232 821 (Uzzicar Farm) - NY 233 021 (Stonycroft Gill)
Notes: There are a couple of parking spaces along the Newlands Valley between Uzzicar and Stair the first one if found just past Uzzicar Farm (if approaching from Braithwaite) on the left hand side, here you find ample parking with room for around ten cars with further spaces found just after the bridge over Stonycroft Gill but these spaces are sparse with room for just one or two cars. Parking at both sites is free.


Walks starting from this parking place

Ard Crags to Barrow via Rigg Beck

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18th November 2017
ASCENT: 2,980 Feet - 884 Metres
MILES: 8.4
WAINWRIGHTS: 5, Ard Crags - Scar Crags - Causey Pike - Outerside - Barrow
ROUTE: Newlands Valley - Rigg Beck - Birk Rigg - Ard Crags - Rigg Beck - Scar Crags - Causey Pike - High Moss - Outerside - Low Moss - Stile End - Barrow Door - Barrow - Newlands Valley

Causey Pike

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7th May 2009
ASCENT: 637MtrsĀ  2089Ft
MILES: xxx
WAINWRIGHTS: 1, Causy Pike
ROUTE: xxxx


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