Parking Information for - Roadside Parking, Top of Hardknott Pass

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: CA19 1TH
Grid Reference: NY 229 001

Parking can be limited due to the nature of Hardnott Pass due to how narrow the road is. If travelling from the Cockly Beck side the parking spaces can be found just past the summit of the pass on the left, a few yards further a few spaces can be found on the left hand side with room for around three cars, if this area is busy there are more spaces found along the top of the pass but these spaces only have room for just the one or two cars. Parking is free.

Please take caution and check the weather forecast the day before travelling over the Wrynose and Hardknott passes as during the Autumn, Winter and Spring months snow and black ice may affect your journey sometimes resulting in both passes being closed.


Walks starting from this parking place

Walking the Birketts - Upper Eskdale Round

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24th March 2018
ASCENT: 2,798 Feet - 853 Metres
MILES: 8.8
BIRKETTS: 7, Border End - Hard Knott - Yew Bank - Throstlehow Crag - Scar Lathing - High Scarth - Silverybield
ROUTE: Top of Hard Knott Pass - Border End - Eskdale Needle - Hard Knott - Yew Bank - Lingcove Beck - Throstlehow Crag - Scar Lathing - River Esk - High Scarth - Silverybield - Damas Dubs - Scale Bridge - Taw House - Brotherilkeld - Hard Knott Pass Hardknott Fort - Top of Hard Knott Pass

The Harry Griffin 2,000 footers Walk 13 -Harter Fell

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17th May 2015
ASCENT: 872 Feet - 266 Metres
MILES: 3.6
SUMMITS OVER 2,000 Ft: Harter Fell (Eskdale)
ROUTE: Top of Hard Knott Pass - Harter Fell (Eskdale) - Top of Hard Knott Pass


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