Harrison Stickle

21st February 2009



Wainwright Guidebook

The Central Fells



Ascent: 2, 414 Feet - 736 Metres
Wainwrights: 2 Pavey Ark - Harrison Stickle
Weather: Clear Blue Skies With Cloud In The Afternoon
Parking: Pay & Display Car Park Opposite The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel ,Great Langdale
Area: Central Fells
Walking With: Stephen Harrison
Ordnance Survey: OL6 (1:25)
Time Taken:  
Route: NDG - Stickle Ghyll - Stickle Tarn - Pavey Ark North Gully - Pavey Ark - Harrison Stickle - Pike Howe - NDG

Map and Photo Gallery


Langdale Pikes.
We couldn’t of picked a better day for walking in the lakes, in fact if I do remember rightly there was no need for any winter clothing today so the jackets stayed in the back packs

Ascent by Stickle Ghyll.
The start of the walk and the dreaded steps (There goes my knees talking again!) Of course I don’t mean that the National Trust have done an excellent job in maintaining this path

Ascending Stickle Ghyll.
Definitely cant argue with the weather today, perfect walking weather

Looking back down the path towards Lingmoor Fell.

And back down the path where it crosses Stickle Ghyll.

Harrison Stickle summit from Stickle Tarn.
There’s still quite a way to go yet but for now a quick rest at the Dam wall.

Stickle Tarn and the Dam wall tucked away left of the picture.

Sergeant Man and Blea Rigg ridge.

Filling up my water bottle.
Walking past The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel at the start of the walk I realised I'd left my water bottle back at the car, Now at first I thought I might have to track back to the car to get it then ste mentioned the empty water bottles we carry in our packs. So after nicking a few sips from ste on the way up I managed to fill the bottle here and give myself brain freeze every time I took a sip. Its not something i do regular but if I’m running low i wouldn’t hesitate to refill my bottle at any fast flowing beck. I honestly can't tell the difference

last push up towards Pavey Ark
Via the north gully.

Blea Rigg from Pavey Ark.

Considering were only in February all the snow seems to summit level.

Top of Jack's Rake.
These two brave uns had just ascended Jack's Rake, Definitely good enough reason for another trip back to Pavey Ark.

Its been glorious all morning then as soon as we near the summit the cloud rolls in a pretty much stays with us for the rest of the day

Harrison Stickle.

Zooming in on the summit


Harrison Stickle summit.
I hadn't taken a picture of the summit cairn and thinking back I cant for the life of me think why.

Heading of the summit towards Thorn Crag our decent route.
For now the cloud doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

A trickier part of the decent route.
Above upper Dungeon Ghyll ravine.

The sun trying its best to get through the cloud over Pike of Blisco.


New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel and Time for a much deserved pint.


The Wainwright Inn, Great Langdale.



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