Blencathra & Sharp Edge

21st March 2009

Blencathra & Sharp Edge had got to be on any serious Fell Walkers list & mine wasn’t any exception ,Id put it off over the winter months for obvious reasons & just when were approaching almost spring with its crisp clear skies & low temperatures i couldn’t put it off any longer ..It was just a case of finding the absolute perfect weather window & this weekend was just that


Wainwright Guidebook

The Northern Fells



Ascent: 868 Mtrs  2847Ft
Wainwrights: 1  Blencathra
Weather: Crisp Clear Sunny Skies ,Cloud Cover On The Tops
Parking: Lay By On The A66, Scales
Area: Northern
Walking With: Stephen Harrison
Ordnance Survey:

OL5 (1:25)

Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery


Starting our walk at Scales & its a Beautiful Morning .


Beautiful yet extremely hazy


We’d not been walking long at all before we came across our first view of Sharp Edge & this I guess is where the butterflies started

Looking back along the path we’d taken, With Bannerdale Crags & the River Glenderamackin running through the bottom of the Valley

Still at this point we was pretty undecided on whether we were going to do Sharp Edge, We wanted to wait until we actually got up to the path & check how breezy it was up there ,But for me ,In my head before telling Ste I knew I was doing Sharp Edge today.


The path which would lead us up to Scales Tarn , So time for a quick rekey at the job ahead & maybe a quick coffee

Sharp Edge seen from the path leading up from Scales Tarn.


Sharp Edge ,.No going back now its perfect.


Scales Tarn capturing the sun.


Ok, My turn first & Ste will take the posing shots ! & i guess this is as good as it gets!



Must be my turn to take the pictures



Taking in the view & trying to wipe the grin of my face.


Zooming in on the summit from Sharp Edge .



Thinking back its hard to describe how I felt after doing Sharp Edge ,To the hardened walker who can scale this in a hop, skip & a jump or words to that affect (which we did witness on the day) it maybe just Sharp edge on a good day ,..But for me it was a Hugh achievement ,Especially as it was my first time ,It did take a good couple of days to forget how chuffed I was with myself.

Blencathra Summit cairn, & I promise this is the last mug shot of me.


Our decent route, Scales fell.


Fed & watered it was time to head down ,You cant actually see in this picture but the weather was closing in just behind us

Its a little steepish  coming down Scales Fell & the knees where definitely trying to tell me something, Something to the tune of “Paul you’ve had two damaged cruciate ligaments & a broken leg” Slow Down

Nearly back at the car & time for a celebratory pint at the Horse And Farrier  in Threlkeld 


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