Nine Standards Rigg

17th May 2009

After reading blog upon blog on the Coast to Coast path on Walkingpalces i was captured instantly by the Nine Standards, Yes one day i will do the C2C But for the moment i want to concentrate on My Wainwrights but that’s absolutely no excuse for not paying a visit to Nine Standard Rigg


Wainwright Guidebook

N / A



Ascent: 662 Metres    2171Ft
Wainwrights: 0
Weather: Dry in the morning with showers forecast for the afternoon
Parking: Lay by at the side of Hartley Quarry
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: OL19 (1:25)
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery


I’ve decided on parking close to Hartley Quarry which is a considerable way off from the actual start of the walk & I’m almost certain there’s a car park further on up the road ,But what the hay ,I’m in the mood for walking

Middle right of this picture & you can just make out the road , I’m thinking should I or shouldn’t I of parked further up this road

“Rest a While”


Signs pointing out the  erosion on this popular C2C Path ( I’m wondering how long that signs been there!)


This must be the famous wall I’ve read so much about, “Just follow the wall”


The Nine standards coming into view .



I don’t know about early on showers that was forecast ,I’ve been picking my pace up all morning for the simple fact I didn’t want to walk back in the rain ,But where is that rain going to come from ?? Its absolutely glorious.

Just a quick look back & gaining a little height which i didn’t seem to notice all day , I guess its a lot different from walking up in the Lake District where most times you do get the sense of height with all the other fells surrounding you




There simply Awe Inspiring , Almost spiritual .


Nine Standards View Point


I’m almost sure there’s a name for this type of Trig Point & in my ignorance I’m not sure what the actual name for it is .Whished id taken a better photo here to

The Standards taken from the Trig Point .


Something that I’m not used to with walking in the Lakes is the complete barrenness,Personally at times it felt a bit eerie.


The two cairns & sheepfold viewed walking back along the path .




Hi guys!


Back at the Quarry & I’m parked right beside here, It just goes to show that if you trusted the Weather Report every time you might just as well stay indoors lock yourself in & throw away the key.

What a great walk.



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