Harrop Tarn & Tarn Crags

31st August 2009

Going back to my recent post “Red Pike” this was the day I had planed but due to bad weather I had to abandon it & the little gem that is Harrop Tarn was my plan B !


Wainwright Guidebook

The Central Fells



Ascent: 441 MtrsĀ  1446Ft
Wainwrights: 0
Weather: Heavy Consistant Rain
Parking: Dob Gill Car Park
Area: Central
Walking With: On my own
Ordnance Survey: OL5
Time Taken:  

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The car park at Dob Gill ,I’ve just travelled all the way over from Buttermere ,Bottoming the car out through the flash flooding & all sorts, So I guess I wont be seeing anyone else today !


Making my way up through the woods & I apologise for the lack of light although I am using my as I call it “cheap camera” for fear of getting my “dear camera wet”! it isn’t the cameras fault ,It really is this dark !


Out the woods now & squinting with the light!! All I can hear is the Dob Gill waterfall ,I expect there’s a lot of water here today .


In all the times I’ve visited Harrop Tarn this has to be the most ferocious I’ve seen the waterfall ,Quite deafening but still magical.



Harrop Tarn, A very special place to me as it was if I can remember my second walk I did in the Lake District ,To be a new comer to walking & to come across a sight as beautiful as Harrop Tarn ,well it just sticks in the heart doesn’t it


The bridge that crosses the outflow of the Tarn.


Contemplating the Tarn Crags


Just go for it ! I’ve climbed through the trees & bracken to the left of the Tarn & already I’m soaked through !there’s absolutely nothing you can do wading through chest high bracken in the soaking rain but get even more wet! Still spirits are still high .


Still quite low at this point & I’m following the path ,But first its ankle deep sponge walking !


I think your meant to jump this part of the beck but that water is flowing way to fast ,So I’m going to back track over the ankle deep sponge again! & find a safer place to cross .


Its about as good as its going to get.


On the Crags now & the wind & rain is really strong .


Looking down at Harrop Tarn with Thirlmere in the distance.


Its definitely a walk id like to come back to but maybe when the weather is much nicer.


A close up of the Tarn.


On the Tarn Crags now to be honest its horrible up here the wind & rain are really pelting my face.

Back at the tarn & believe it or not its really peaceful sat here having my lunch ,What a difference a couple hundred feet makes


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