Harter Fell to Kidsty Pike

17th October 2009

I’ve had this walk planned for a while & considering I’m trying to conquer all my Wainwrights,High Street is a absolute favourite of mine ,In the 3/4 short years I’ve been visiting the Lake District i must of been back here half a dozen times ,Im simply in love with High Street ! Normally I’ve ascended from Hartsop or Patterdale in all my other attempts but today it was to be from Mardale .

Leaving a crisp sunny wigan at 8am i arrived at Mardale Road car park round about 9.30am, And as expected there wasn’t a car parking space so it was on the side of the verge with the rest of them!So this is only my second walk talking in as much as four fells on my own & I’m feeling pretty excited ,Its a crisp clear blue sky day &  i can clearly see my route from the car park ,so its on with the boots ,clip the  camera on to my belt & one last check through my bag making sure the coffee still hot my sandwiches are  as usually squashed & I’ve got my Satsuma’s (They are like 4 star to me!) No need for the jacket  today so   that gets squashed in last!,Its a beautiful day ,One last look at my route & I’m off!


Wainwright Guidebook

The Far Eastern Fells



Ascent: 828Mtrs   2718 Ft
Wainwrights: 4 Harter Fell,Mardale IIIBell,High Street,Kidsty Pike
Weather: Bright Sunshine All Day
Parking: Mardale Road
Area: Far Eastern
Walking With: On my own
Ordnance Survey: OL5
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



The view looking towards Harter Fell taken from Mardale Road


Leaving the car park at the end of Mardale Rd to meet the Gatescarth Pass ,The sun is still quite low here & i can imagine its going to getting pretty warm later on!


Ok gaining a little height now & what i didn’t mention was the chest infection I’ve had for the past couple of days ,I paid a visit to the  docs only yesterday ,Id felt a bit chesty all week & wanted to catch it early for one reason :To be here today ,I’m not suffering to bad ,a lot better than expected ,actually its a case of stopping for breaths when iv felt a bit wheezy which wasn’t to often and to admire the wonderful views which is just another excuse to get the camera out !


High Street summit with Rough Crag & kidsty Pike to the right, & for now they seem quite a way off ,But I’m taking my time here today & not just because of this chest infection its not that often we are blessed with weather like this ..So take it all in one step at a time .


Haweswater ,Swine Crag & The Rigg Taken from just a couple of meters or so from Harter Fell summit .


I could of sat here all day at this spot looking across to Blea Water & High Street ,In fact this was another unscheduled stop just to take the views in & pop open another Satsuma


A bit closer


kentmere Reservoir looking like a Mill Pond with Froswick ,III Bell, & Yoke in the background ,This was taken on the path leading towards the Shelter over looking Small Water .


Small Water


Small water & Haweswater & looking at the High Street Ridges as what i can only describe from a weird angle! Just ahead is the path which could of taken me down Nan Bield Pass which in the car on the way here i actually thought was maybe as far as id get ,But I’m feeling fine !


Mardale IIIBell summit cairne & I’ve had to pass this as a good photo as a few walkers had decided to sit & eat there lunch here, ..

Froswick ,III Bell & Yoke seen here again with a hazy Windermere in the background


Ok now I’ve hit the wall which more or less runs parallel with the Roman Road heading toward my third summit of the day High Street .


High Streets summit Trig Point ,And there’s definitely a pattern forming here..Is it only me gets aggravated when walkers do this !


A very peaceful  looking Blea  Water & time for lunch me thinks .


Zooming in on Helvellyn & Striding Edge


Making my way down the Straights Of Riggindale now & i can honestly say this is the first time I’ve been here when I’ve not been knee deep in snow!! What id of give for a pair of Cramp-Ons  last march walking up here !


Approaching Kidsty Pike summit & yeah i thinking the same as High Street !! Im a grumby bugger when i want be !


Kidsty PIke summit cairne


Riggindale & The Rigg


A close up of the walkers on Rough Crag ,Its like Tesco on a Saturday afternoon up there !


Riggindale rolling into the shores of Haweswater


Reflections On Haweswater ,

Considering this is only my second lone longish distant walk im pretty proud of myself ,Iv got glee written all over my face ,That’s four Wainwrights in one day .


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