Crinkle Crags & Bow Fell

15th November 2009

Having not been on the Fells for over four weeks, I was itching to get my boots back on ,Just my luck weather warnings during the week were getting issued all over the country ,I just couldn’t believe my luck ,Yes i had a plan B , With  The original plan being Crinkle Crags & Bow Fell I knew round about midweek maybe I wasn’t going to be doing my intentional plan ,but as the weekend got closer a window on the Sunday was looking better with Forecast for Heavy Burst of showers then clearing away for the afternoon ,All I can say is my mind was made up for Crinkle Crags & Bow Fell & by the time I could do anything about it I already was in Great Langdale

To do something as a big a walk as Crags & Bow Fell to take in these two pioneering fells it had to be just right yes??I got the weather wrong or maybe shall I say the weathermen got it wrong! These two fells are definitely something I’m going to need to do again.The whole experience was more or less ruined by the weather but for that I only have my self to blame .

The pictures do not do the day any justice .


Wainwright Guidebook

The Southern Fells



Ascent: 945 Mtrs  3100 Ft
Wainwrights: 2  Crinkle Crags, Bow Fell
Weather: Dull & Overcast Below Cloud Base (560Mtrs) Heavy Rain, Hail, Visibility 20-50 Mtrs On Tops
Parking: Old Dungeon Hotel Car Park
Area: Southern
Walking With: Tim Oxburgh
Ordnance Survey: OL6
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery


Stool End Farm.



My first fell of the day “The Band” And after some careful consideration making my way to Bow Fell first, was my action plan then maybe if the weather wasn’t to bad make my way over to Crinkle Crags.


Wrynose Fell & The Oxondale Beck.


Great Langdale.


Entering the cloud base around 560 Mtrs


Making my way onto the Climbers Traverse & the mist & cloud has really come down on me .


The Great Slab ( That’s if you can see it!)



Weathered Rock.


Approaching Bow Fell Summit .


Bow Fell Summit & cairn & I have to apologise for the close up as if id of stood any further away you just wouldn’t see it !


Three Tarns, & decision time ,Do I head back or shall I attempt the Crinkle’s?


Crinlkle Crags it is ,I know the weather is appalling ,but to get this far & not attempt Crinkle Crags ,..I just couldn’t do it ,Believe it or not there was quite a few groups around & ascending some of the Crinkles was a bit off a waiting game .


Its almost tropical up here ! where did all that rock come from.


Crinkle two & the summit.


Crinkle Crags summit Cairn & again I couldn’t stand to far away .


Approaching the Bad Step, the wind was at full gust at this point ,it was a case of just get down there & hold on tight .

In this picture I’ve marked a red cross as to where I’ve shimmed down facing the rock & turned on this tiny section where the cross is. It took a couple of One,Two,Three’s  But I did manage it in the end I hit the ground hard, right in front of this rock lower in the picture


I think i can safely say the wind here was freighting ,I’ve had to leave a lot of the pictures out just from this part of the walk alone as every time I got the camera out the lense was speckled with Rain & Hail,Everything was wet, even my wipe cloth inside the camera bag was wet.  It looks like something from Lord Of The Rings doesn’t it!


Langdale from Grey Knott , And I’m so glad to actually get a fix on Stool End , Walking across Long Top was pretty hairy ,The driving rain & hail made for zero visibility at time’s, it was just a case of keeping to the path until I dropped out the cloud .


Cloud appearing to lift from Crinkle Crags ,I waited here a bit but no She wasn’t moving !


The Bridge over Oxondale beck



Dusk at the Old Dungeon Hotel .


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