Loughrigg Fell

6th March 2010

Loughrigg Fell hadn’t been planned at all today, yes I was supposed to be around the central fells with my lad Owen but what we or I had planned was one of two possibilities in Silver How or Loughrigg & said won hands down because Owen had spied the caves while I was doing a bit of research as you do, also in conversation in-between talking Xbox!! While on drive on the way up was well we know were not going to be all day of a job on Loughrigg so why don’t we have lunch at the summit, head down & climb another fell? I’ve always quite fancied after spending days walking the fells that if I ever had the time I’d love to give Castle Crag a go, Owens eyes lit up!! That was it the day had been planned, !


Wainwright Guidebook

The Central Fells



Ascent: 335 Mtrs  1,101 Ft
Wainwrights: 1, Loughrigg Fell
Weather: 3 Degrees with highs of 9 , Overcast & warm
Parking: Pelter Bridge Car Park ,F.O.C
Area: Central
Miles: 6.5
Walking With: Owen Sharkey
Ordnance Survey: OL7
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



Pelter Bridge car park & it seems we are getting used to arriving first, by the time we got back here it was jammed full, even parking along the grass verges , a great spot for an ice cream van you would say… to which all I heard Dad can I?,  dad can I, dad can I !


Nab Scar & Heron Pike, taken from Rydal Water .


Owen on the upper level path that would lead us to the quarries .


The first cave we came across and what you can’t actually see in the picture I’ve taken is the tricky rock Id clambered up to get inside the cave, only about 15 feet or so & as many as two foot holes, it got me thinking now I’m up how am I going to get down !

Taken from inside the first cave


And just further around the corner, cave 2 the main cave, inside there were stepping stones towards the back roughly about 50ft, 70% of the cave floor was under water & for me its the last place Id think you’d find fish ! I quote the great man himself Alfred Wainwright, There is shelter enough here for the whole population of Ambleside (Although admittedly, many people would be standing in water)



Owen donning his head torch, Oh to be a kid again


Looking towards Helm Crag & Steel Fell & far left a tiny show of Gibson Knott.


Grasmere & Silver How.


Dunmail Raise beyond .


It was busy today to say the least , What Owen is looking at here is the group of extremely loud teenagers walking behind us blowing whistles & almost like us I bet the people ahead here were thinking exactly the same thing, “where these cretins taught nothing about conduct on the Fells” Go & get em Owen.


Looking back on Pike O’ Stickle, Harrison Stickle & Pavey Ark .


A small glimpse of Elter Water & Wetherlam & the Coniston Fells.


Owen heading for Loughrigg Fell Summit .


Loughrigg Fell summit trig point.


I knows he’s thinking Castle Crag right about now,.. we’ve made great time .


Windermere, seen from Loughrigg, not the best of pictures I’m afraid !


Loughrigg Tarn & Elter Water .


One of the many Tarns found on Loughrigg  as we make our descent .


So many paths !


Back on the road to Pelter Bridge car park, & Owen’s trying his balancing skills back & forth over the stepping stones, he really loved being out on the Fells today, & as we made such good timing we decided that another fell today would be to ignorant to pass up, so now its a mad dash to Borrowdale & the Lakelands smallest Fell “Castle Crag”


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