Robinson, Hindscarth & Dale Head

10th April 2010

Anyone who knows me knows I’m subject to mind change on the very last minute because today or last week (I’ll get to that in a minute) I was supposed to be scaling St Sunday Crag via Grisedale, then as always a last minute change of plan got me on this Newlands trio ,wow I thought, an area of  which I’m familiar with & three Wainwright to be bagged so yeah my mind was pretty much set, as always ,planed my route early on last weekend I think it was, & there I’m sorted..,that would be sorted with an old knee injury id picked up last Monday causing swelling down the inside & over the top of my right knee cap,so then started the treatment, ice packs,steaming hot baths, & enough Ibroprofen to take down an Elephant which in a couple of days the swelling had gone down nicely,so much so that I managed a full day walking around Museums in Manchester & even managed to skim the grass when I got back,Thursday came & a bike ride with my lad Owen, nothing to strenuous just a couple of mile down the Leeds & Liverpool canal & this was the point I picked my second “old injury up” this time a lower back sprain (picked up from lifting our Westie out the very same Canal when she fell in a few years back!)after me picking the bikes up over the towpath gates instead of using the bike majigs provided, well back to square one It was for me,Hot baths that would make a lava pool feel like a dip in the Atlantic & enough Voltarol Pain Eze to forget I even had a back never mind back ache!! anyway the story goes I’m here to tell the tale for this classic walk of walks around my favourite Valley that is the Newlands Valley


Wainwright Guidebook

The Western Fells



Ascent: 868Mtrs  2,850Ft
Wainwrights: 3, Robinson, Hindscarth & Dale Head
Weather: Warm & Sunny All Day,, 5 Degrees With Highs Of 14 Degrees
Parking: Chapel Bridge Car Park, Little Town
Area: Western
Miles: 9.2
Walking With:  
Ordnance Survey: OL4
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



The stone bridge over Newlands Beck & the start of my walk,Chapel Bridge car park is just out of view to left of this picture,its 9am & I’m only the third car on it,by the time I got back here you wouldn’t of know there was a beck here at all never mind this stone bridge with all the cars parked on the verges.


Newlands Church, Dating all the way back to the 16th Century.


Two out of the three fells ill be visiting, with my first being Robinson far right,I’m heading for High Snab farm,the white building seen on the right .


And my third summit of the day at the head of the Newlands Valley, Dale Head,but first it was hook a right here on to the steep grass slopes of Robinson’s Ridge.


The week of id spent lozzing with my back & knee out is just about hitting me…right about now


Think I’ve finally cracked it how to show a steep ascent,..all fell side no sky !


Causey Pike taken from High Snab Bank.


Looking over to Scar Crags & Sail with Ard Crags in the foreground .


And along the Ridge towards Robinson’s summit.


Looking in to Little Dale & its Reservoir .

If anything is going to test my knees these will! but they coped fine, if anything,  & I’m not one to moan about the British Summer but man was it hot


A tremendous view looking North,going left to right we have Causey Pike, Skiddaw,Blencathra,Cat Bells,Hindscarth & Scope End & even a glimpse of Dewent Water .

More or less at the summit with this shelter coming in handy for me to get the Compeed out, never in all my time Fell Walking have I needed a plaster…must be the socks I’m wearing


Robinson’s Summit Cairn .


And looking back on the summit plateau & its un-named tarns .

Pretty much awe inspiring, here we have Melbreak on the opposite shore of Crummock Water, flanked by a small section of Grasmoor,Whiteless Pike & Rannerdake knotts & in the back of the picture is Loweswater , absolutely stunning


Now making my way over to my second summit of the day across Little Dale Edge,my path would take me left at the crossroads towards Hindscarth’s Summit,then come back on my self towards Dale Head in the background.


Looking straight down the throat of the Honnister Pass with the Honnister Mine at the top .


Causey Pike Skiddaw seen from Littledale.


Hindscarth Summit & Shelter, & me wondering round with the camera made absolute no difference to these Summit hoggers, my number one bug bear, anyway onwards & upwards towards Hindscarth Edge & Dale head,my final summit of the day .

You can see the anger arghhh ha ! no really I’m fine, pretty chuffed with myself


Dale Head & the Hindscarth Edge, & if you look mid left you can see the zig-zag path, my descent route.


High Crag, High Stile & Red Pike .


Looking over towards Fleetwith Pike, Green Gable & Great Gable & the Scafell range beyond.


Looking down on the tiny cars on Honnister Pass,flanked by the huge mass of Fleetwith Pike.


Dale Head Summit with the Northern Fells in the background.

The Newlands Valley & my descent route, all Four & Half miles of it


Dale Head Tarn looking quite busy .


Zooming in on High Spy Summit cairn.


Making my way down the old Copper Mine path & there’s still quite a few of the old Mine Buildings .


More or less of the rough stuff,  & there’s still along way to go yet!


Crossing Far Tongue Gill.

And the Newlands Beck which incidentally I didn’t use these stepping stones, that middle one was a hop skip & a jump to far,so me being me just waded through


Looking back up towards Dale Head to the right & the path I’ve descended on is almost invisible now.

Looking back on all three summits,right to left Robinson, Hindscarth & Dale head

And back at the car park & a water top up,I’m managed 2Ltrs of water & no wonder with a day as weather blessed as I have,..back to Wigan for a soak me thinks


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