Hartsop Dodd & Gray Crag

24th April 2010

I did promise myself before heading for Ben Nevis next month a couple more warm up walks in the Lake District, basically staying active for the next few weekends or its gonna hit me like a steam train, and what I’ve done here is slightly under exaggerated myself & these here fells, because today was hard- albeit a shorter walking time doesn’t mean I haven’t suffered,  & not because of the heat, although walking in it does sap your energy, today was one of those days where my heart was in it but my legs weren’t, everybody I know sometimes or another goes through this, & no matter how big that wall is your not going to jump it, & basically that’s what’s happened to me today, I was fine after the steep ascents but no matter how much I told myself “Paul”.. just keep going, keep going my legs just went blur..no chance Mr sharks were going to make this as hard as possible for you today & that’s because you eat un- healthy, you drink to much & for all those reasons were not playing ball! I honestly thought I was having a “telling off from my body! But aside all that I did manage to have a great time as always, especially walking the ridge on Gray Crag,..now that’s the place you want to be on a day like today.


Wainwright Guidebook

The Dar Eastern Fells



Ascent: 3,012 Ft,  918 Mtrs
Wainwrights: 4  Hartsop Dodd, Caudale Moor (Stony Cove Pike) Thornthwaite Crag & Gray Crag
Weather: 10°, Warm & Sunny With Occasional Cloud,Highs Of 17°
Parking: Car Park, Hartsop Village
Area: Far Eastern
Miles: 7
Walking With: On my own
Ordnance Survey: OL5
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



Hartsop Dodd from the car park, and its just a case of following the wall for now.


Reflections on Brothers Water.


Zooming in on Angle Tarn Pikes.


I’d been walking for just over 20 minutes & I got the feeling its going to be hard work today Paul !


Looking down on Hartsop Village & towards the Southern tip of Ullswater,  conditions are pretty much the same as last weekend, very warm & very hazy.I cant help but notice how low Brothers Water is looking.


Looking through the haze! High Hartsop Dodd, Scandale, Dove Crag & Hart Crag.


Now approaching the wall that runs parallel with the summit & beyond to Caudale Moor.


Hartsop Dodd summit cairn with Caudale Moor, Stony Cove to the left & Red Screes on the right.


The true summit of Hartsop Dodd marked by this wooden post.


And looking into Stony Cove & Caudale Moor from Hartsop Dodd summit.

Almost sauna like



Copper & Lead mining over on Caudale Moor ridge.


And looking back on to Hartsop Dodd’s grassy ridge.


Looking East towards High Street & Kidsty Pike, with my descent route in the foreground Gray Crag.


Caudale Moor summit cairn with Red Screes in the background,..time for a cuppa  me thinks.


Gray Crag & Place Fell from the second summit cairn,  & where’s the sun gone? all I have is haze & no sun!



This is actually a hand built seat, & its got my name all over it!


Also found on the Southern tip of the summit is the Mark Atkinson Monument, who died in 1930 & his son William in 1987, both of the Kirkstone Pass Inn seen here, the vague white building in the background.



Now making my way off the summit eastward towards Thornthwaite Crag, not before passing Caudale Tarn.


Thornthwaite Crag beacon seen just to the right with High Street beyond, but first I have to lose some altitude then gain it all back again..the joys of hiking in the Lakes.


Looking down on to Threshwaite Mouth.


Pasture Bottom & Pasture Beck from Thresthwaite Mouth.


My third summit of the day Thornthwaite Crag, ….  is it me or is that leaning?


After hooking a left at the Thornthwaite Summit I’m now heading for my final fell of the day Gray Crag, how inviting does that ridge look…


Venturing of the path a little to take this picture of Hayeswater, flanked by The Knott & Rest Dodd.


And again from a little further up the ridge by pure coincidence I came across these wild deer grazing, zooming in from roughly about 200 mtrs up, they didn’t even know I was there.



My final summit of the day Crag Crag, with two of the days previous summits Hartsop Dodd & Caudale Moor in the background.


Looking over to the Eastern Fells, Hartsop Above How, Fairfiled & St Sunday Crag …wonder if my Bloc Billys are still up there.


The Pump House at Hayeswater Gill, &  just a mile or so to get back to Hartsop from here.


Old, but still used Farm Buildings .


And the ruins of the old lead mine .


Looking back up Pasture Bottom & Thresthwaite Mouth, I’ve made great time despite all the complaining to myself, I cant kid anyone, I’ve had a great day walking the Fells as always!


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