Wetherlam, Swirl How & Great Carrs

31st May 2010

I really wasn’t supposed to be on the fells this weekend, I had a long a bank holiday weekend off & I was supposed to be doing the things you do, spending time with the wife & kids (she sees me every day!) so that’s that box ticked! Spending time with Owen I did, (we spent a whole Saturday afternoon on the Xbox) tick, did the usual dads taxi with my eldest daughter, tick, cut the grass And weeded!! which meant I had one day free & being around the house I was just getting under peoples feet (if you try its not hard!) I’m going for the hard sell!

I think in the back of my mind I knew I’d  be up the Lakes it was just convincing the people I live with.


Wainwright Guidebook

The Southern Fells



Ascent: 2,499 Ft  762 Mtrs
Wainwrights: 3, Great Carrs, Swirl How & Wetherlam
Weather: Dry & Bright AM, Becoming Cloudier PM, Still Remaining Warm & Muggy, Lows of 12 Degrees, Highs of 17
Parking: Tilberthwaite Car Park
Area: Southern
Miles: 7
Walking With: On my own
Ordnance Survey: OL6
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



The start of my walk begins in the hamlet of Low Tilberthwaite, a very off the track kind of place with just a few Idyllic cottages & a working farm, all very quaint & peaceful, of course all that changed when I got back here five hours later, with mini buses blocking everyone in, dogs barking people playing loud music out there car stereos, by the time I got back here I actually felt It was me intruding on them.


There’s a great path albeit a steep one that flanks Blake Rigg, now I don’t mind admitting it was warm, very warm & I had to keep stopping for camera breaks or to me & you (hand on hips looking round panting like a beat up owd dog!)


Its basically a case of following the wall up & over towards the other side flanking Blake Rigg  SE side.


And looking back towards Holm Fell.


And looking North towards Wrynose Fell (L) and the Langdale Pikes (C) With Lingmoor on the right & Blea Tarn surrounded by the patch of Furs lower centre.


See this hole? No,.. neither did I! it swallowed my left leg knee deep & together with a big slurp to drag It back out it had covered  my knee & left boot  in stinking peat bog!! joking aside,. that could of broke my leg…


Crossing Greenburn Beck with my first objective in the background, Great Carrs, but before all that my ridge walk on Wet Side Edge.


And this is where it begins, did I mention it was hot, phew! & did I mention I can just start to feel a blister coming on on my left heal? no? well there you go.

That blister was only going to get worse & ascending & descending as I’ve been doing isn’t going to make it go away, but for now put the niggling pain in the back of your mind & just enjoy your walk.


Little Langdale & Little Langdale Tarn.


Looking back on my route towards Great Intake, the straight stone wall in the centre is where I had just descended from .


Making my way up towards Rough Crags.


And looking towards my first two summits of the day LtoR Swirl How & Great Carrs, Wet Side Edge is to the far right my ridge route which in most instances doing a ridge route is all pretty exciting (if your in to that sort of thing) but with this one Wet Side Edge, you almost miss out on that “Ridge” feeling you get as the path diverts you away from the edge & out of view of three main peaks it flanks.


Looking towards the Eastern Fells, first in the fore ground we have Wrynose fell & beyond Seat Sandal & Fairfield ( the little V shaped gap in the centre  is Deepdale Hause)


You can just make out two tents on Red Tarn (Wrynose) a good half mile away!, god knows how I spotted them but it was a good excuse to use the zoom on the new camera.


LtoR Cold Pike & Pike O’ Blisco, & if you squint (and you really have to!) you can just make out the blue of Red Tarn.


Looking back down on High End from Wet Side Edge.


Great Carrs from the aptly named Little Carrs, and by now its getting to the point I can’t ignore the blister anymore, so when I get to the top its off with the socks.


Zooming in on Sellafield Power Station & the Irish Sea Beyond.


Not far from the summit now.


Great Carrs Summit, There was more than one reason I wanted to summit this particular fell & its because for a long time now I’ve read about the Plane wreckage (a WW2 Bomber to be exact) which crashed on this very Fell back in Oct 1944 killing all Eight Crewman on board. the monument is just South of the summit cairn.


All that remains of the Halifax Bomber.


The Memorial which is made of parts of the wreckage of the Halifax bomber lies 150 yards South of the summit cairn of Great Carrs, this is the place where on the fateful night,Halifax bomber LL505FD-S crashed,as the aircraft was on night exercise from Topcliff in Yorkshire,and ran into thick cloud,the pilot descended so that the navigator could get a visual fix on the ground below,striking the ridge known as Broad Slack at about 2600 feet,with the loss of the 8 man crew which were 7 Canadians and 1 Brit.

Next is Swirl How, & I’ve got to get my blister sorted


Swirl How Summit & time for a coffee & sandwich & finally get some compead out on that blister!


Lunch with a view.


Looking Southwards towards Coniston Water & a hazy view of Ulverston Sands.


My next & final Summit of the day, Wetherlam, here taken from Prison Band.


I seem to have lost the sunshine & its clouded over a little,.here we have Coniston Water & Levers Water in the foreground.


The path leading me towards Wetherlam’s Summit, the blister on my left heal is doing its best to remind me its still there.


Wetherlam Summit Cairn.


Looking over towards the magnificent Scafells & Bow Fell.


A hazy view south towards Coniston Water & Esthwaite Water.


And into the heart of Little Langdale Blea Tarn.


The view down Wetherlam & by all means its a tricky one.


Dry Bottom Cove, my descent route back to Tilberthwaite.


The whole of Lakeland is dotted with old mines, no more so than in & around the Coniston Fells, here we have old mine buildings & shafts,. Its been a great day again, I’ve spent a lot more time on the southern fells this last few weeks & hopefully will be back in this area very soon, one thing I don’t want back very soon is…




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