Battling The Elements on Pike Of Blisco

10th July 2010

Cold Pike & Pike Of Blisco have been on my to do list for quite some time, even more so when I did Great Carrs & Swirl How along Wet Side Edge, there they where in all there glory ready to be taken & yes I’ve done many walks in-between but this weekend was Cold Pike weekend, as usual I’ve done the planning & my route would be the classic of topping Cold Pike then descend on to Red Tarn, maybe take in the views then head up Pike Of Blisco & then make my way back down towards the Wrynose Pass.

So as I had plans for the Saturday evening it was an early start (6am) & hopefully be back way in time before the evening festivities start.

So as usual i’d been keeping my eye on the weather all week & from Wednesday onwards and I’m thinking I’m not going to get the views, come Thursday & Friday I’m thinking I’m going to get wet, very wet but Paul you’re forgetting the real reason why you & so many others walk in bad weather, or even those who don’t bother with camera’s, its the fells we love & anything extra is a bonus.

I don’t think if you’d of chucked me in the River Douglas (Wigan’s very own ship canal!) I could of possibly got any wetter than I did today, it kind of took the heart out of the walk, there was nothingness just rain,rain & more rain, not even a crack of sunshine or a glimpse of something…anything.

So disheartened & very wet I decided to cut the walk short.


Wainwright Guidebook

The Southern Fells



Ascent: 705 Mtrs   2,312 Ft
Wainwrights: 1, Pike Of Blisco
Weather: Heavy Rain Throughout,Lows of 17 Degrees, Highs of 20
Parking: Top Of Wrynose Pass
Area: Southern
Miles: 2.5
Walking With: On my own
Ordnance Survey: OL6
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



I’d actually sat in the car for over 20 minutes humming & eying whether to make a start at all, but I’d come all this way so it was out with the waterproofs & batten down the hatches.


As I’d cut the walk short I decided to head straight for Red Tarn (instead of Cold Pike) & weigh my options up from there.

Heading for Red Tarn


I’ve managed to take a couple of shots with the camera, what you can’t see is my left hand covering the lenses to try & stop the rain hitting the lenses & drowning it out!


A very bleak dessert less Red Tarn.


I’ve headed of the main path & took the direct route towards the summit.


Pike Of Blisco Summit cairn,

And from here I swear I can hear voices, I’m not sure though the wind is strong & swirling around my hood,. oh well.


Heading down the main path & the rain is getting heavier.


I knew I could here someone on that summit,.. so its not just me stupid enough to be out today! I got talking to these two young uns as I passed, dare I say a little ill prepared as I could see this guys boxers through his sodden combats & the other young lad just went on about his BMX! Okaay….i’ll just make my way down, seriously these guys just starting ticking off there Wainwrights having only done one other fell besides this one (Coniston Old Man) 10 out of 10 for effort lads but next time gear up! combats & flat caps ( its not a fashion parade lads) don’t cut it in weather like this.


Hi Guys, “ I think its starting to clear up! “

In all honesty I’d had enough by now, & let me tell you  I don’t own the most expensive gear but Berghaus have a lot to answer for in there waterproof department, nothing absolutely nothing escaped a drenching, my mid layers, my camera, my camera case, boots, socks, everything inside my Berghaus Arete pack, even the stuff tucked away in special waterproof packs sodden & soaked!


“Is Red Tarn this way” yip is all I answered.


There is a bright blue car in the middle of this picture, I know that because its mine! as I neared the car thoughts were of disappointment  but we’ve been blessed with wall to wall sunshine so I guess we cant complain to much, which I no one does when I do a full strip to the boxers at the side of my car to try & get into some dry clothes!

The Three Shire Stone


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