An Afternoon On Rivington Pike

22nd August 2010

I hadn’t anything planned at all for the weekend (well anything that didn’t involve me putting my walking boots on) but as a Wigan Athletic fan comes the hangover of a 0-6 defeat at home to Chelsea, yes the score line was drowned out with plenty of beer but the memories & hurt are still there the morning after, I could of sat on the couch all day wallowing in my stupor & self pity that next season we are looking at championship football, I could of spent it on the laptop or Xbox but I didn’t.

Rivington Pike is a clear half hour drive away from my house, it and Winter Hill dominate the skyline all around Wigan & as my house is situated on the top of a hill so to speak its the first thing I see when I open the bedroom curtains every morning, If its not there then we’re in for a dull day!

I’ve visited Rivington quite a lot, more so in my teens tearing around the country lanes in our Vauxhall Astra’s & Nova’s making  general tits of our self’s, I’ve even cycled up to the transmitter on Winter Hill but never actually made a meal out of the walk, nothing too planned so to speak. Today wasn’t an exception, I just needed to get out the house or its going to be another Sunday wasted & as I’m booked up for next weekend too, that’s another weekend not out on the Fells, so I grabbed Owen, took Lucy’s lead & headed off for Winter Hill.






Ascent: 1,190 Ft 363 Meters


Weather: Warm & Sunny, Highs of 19°
Parking: Rivington Barn H
Area: Rivington Country Park (Just Outside Howich)
Miles: 5
Walking With: Owen Sharkey & Lucy Dog
Ordnance Survey: Landranger Map 109
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



Passing through Rivington Barn Hall where every weekend is a meeting place for anything on two wheels,.that BBQ does smell good though!


Owen & our Westie Lucy making there way through a small section of woods on route.


Seven Arches Bridge, much of the structure is hidden by shrubbery, we would cross this bridge on our return.


And a short while later we reached Rivington Pike spectacular summit, this castle tower  like cairn can be seen from miles around & on a good day its said can be seen from the Cumbrian Fells, I’m not to sure if that’s true but through the haze & although my camera isn’t powerful enough to picture them I can see the Welsh Mountains, the Flyde Coast & Blackpool Tower from up here.


The telecommunications mast on Winter Hill with the path in the foreground.


Winter Hill & sadly a hill too far for us, poor Lucy is really feeling the heat, I did want to try & get up to the mast but I honestly don’t thing  Lucy shares the same enthusiasm!

Lucy dog & Owen


Squirming as I write this..the Reebok Stadium.

Next stop is the Pigeon Tower, as a kid this tower scared the life out of me,.its prison like gothicness sent shivers through my bones, but now years on I actually love this building



The Pigeon Tower, built in 1910  The top room used to be used by Lady Lever as a sewing room, which gave wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Ornamental doves and pigeons were kept in the lower two levels, so Paul no prison eh!! twerp!!


Yarrow & Anglezarke Reservoir’s, the town behind is Chorley.


I’m not quite sure if this pond was part of the Chinese gardens or in actual fact a swimming pool for Lord Lever the once owner of this estate.


Smile Lucy


Owen looking down on the path from Seven Arches Bridge.

And finally back to the roars of bike engines & well cooked burgers,. nice afternoon had by all 


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