Ullock Pike, Long Side, Carl Side & Dodd

4th September 2010

The alarm woke me at 6.30am, an unusual lie in for me as usually its a 5.30am start, both the bedroom windows were open leaving the room a little chilli  like, but oooh no.. me I’m tucked up in bed pulling the duvet over my shoulder, & five more minutes.

I hadn’t slept well at all, I’m still getting over the sickness bug that since Thursday at work left me bed ridden, sore ribs through the constant heaving, sore throat & jaw alike, my throat still isn’t  much better, every gulp hurts which is what kept me up most of the night. The Friday evening I was good,.no alcohol (well just a gill as my dad would say) & an early bedtime too, all this in aid of what me thinks ‘Paul if you do this you’ll feel much better tomorrow’ I was right (ish) I did feel better after the extra lie in I was up & atom & out the house for 7.05am bursting & wearing to go.

It didn’t take long into the walk until I realised I was performing well under par, a bit of wheezing coupled with shortness of breath led me to believe that I’m not the doctor I clearly think I am! This is what Lakeland does to me, its a love affair & no matter how much I should of stayed in bed this morning I knew if I didn’t at least try to get up on the Fells how would I ever know if I’d of made this  day the day it turned out to be, yeah I’m a little sore all over, yes I’ve pushed myself but isn’t that what its all about? going that extra mile & the feeling of accomplishment will always overcome a sticky windpipe, let the body look after itself while I’m lazing on the couch, let me fulfil my ambitions while walking on the Fells.


Wainwright Guidebook

The Northern Fells



Ascent: 2,700 Ft, 822 Mtrs
Wainwrights: 4, Ullock Pike, Long Side, Carl Side & Dodd
Weather: Warm & Sunny, Very Windy On Tops,Highs of 19° Lows Of 11°
Parking: Roadside Parking Near The Ravenstone Hotel
Area: Northern
Miles: 6.25
Walking With: On my own
Ordnance Survey: OL4
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



Today I started my walk from the Ravenstone Hotel perched on the A591, it was just a case of taking the track to the right of the Hotel which will lead you onto open Fell land before this path heads right & takes you to the start of the ridge & Ling How.


Looking back along the track towards Bassenthwaite Lake, Broom Fell & Barf.


What a glorious day, this is what Fell Walking is all about, yes its very windy & yes I’m wheezing a little but I wouldn’t change this for the world.


A close up of Bowness Farm & Bowness Wood on the shoreline of Bassenwaite Lake.


Looking back down from  The Edge & onto Watches, the small Fell behind the woods is Binsey.


Longside Edge, Long side & Skiddaw Little Man from just beneath Ulcock Pike Summit.


Ullcock Pike Summit with the wooded Dodd in the foreground &  a very hazy Dewent Water & North Western Fells.


Longside Edge & Long Side.


To the left is the great mass of Skiddaw flanking Southerndale.


The ridge is full of false summits, something I have got accustomed to by now!


Looking back along the ridge towards Ullcock Pike.


Carl Side & Little Man from Long Side Summit cairn, by now the wind was getting pretty hairy so I donned my hat, if it hadn’t of been for the emptiness between my ears the wind would of gone straight through!


Carl Side summit cairn & I wasn’t hanging around too long as the wind was so strong I could hardly keep the camera still long enough to take a shot,, there is in actual fact three guys making there way up Skiddaw from here but they aren’t using the prominent path to the left, the path looks quite a way from the edge as it probably is without the almighty gust, I guess they weren’t taking any chances & I don’t blame them..


I know you have to squint but they are there, that path is mighty steep, my hat goes off to them.


Mug Shot while being blown away, the two words ‘wind & skiddaw’ go together seamlessly.


Off the main ridge now & I have descended to the aptly named ‘White Stones’ time for a Satsuma me thinks.


A hazy Dewent Water & the North Western Fells from White Stones.


The Satsuma’s today were real juicy & gave my throat a much needed pick me up,. now what to do with the sticky hands? I had a small bar towel in my pack but I bet its right at the bottom,.so I did what any bloke would & wipe my hands on the back of my shorts!


The Cairn marking where the path splits, left in my case for Dodd, or straight ahead for Carl Side.


Dodd, my final summit of the day, you have to love the colours of the heather getting ready for Autumn already.



Now on the forest track which in a short while will take me towards the summit.


Looking over to Latrigg, Clough Head & The Dodds.


Dodd Summit.


Bassenthwaite Lake from Dodd summit.

Back down off Dodd summit & now on the forest track, there are two paths seen here but both lead you towards the same point at the bottom of Skill Beck, I took the left path, the right track is visible from my route so it really doesn’t matter which path you take



Skill Beck,. note the path to the right is the same one I choose not to follow.


And its just a case of a short mile or so back towards where my car is parked on this path along side the A591.

What another great day on the Fells, now back to Wigan to catch up on some much needed sleep (who am I kidding I’m a bloody vampire!)… ok a nod then


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