A Morning Walk On Ard Crags & Knott Rigg

24th April 2011

Today was about spending a bit of time out on the fells with my son Owen, I had promised him a trip up to Helvellyn this summer & owing to keeping to my promises Owen agreed we try some smaller fells first, just to let him get used to climbing again & not chucking him in the deep end.

So Owen blew the cobwebs of his walking boots & joined me on this little excursion in the north west of Lake district. We couldn’t of picked a more beautiful spring day, clarity is not a word I would normally use but today we had it all, long distant views uninterrupted by Fridays haze not two days ago, unfortunately time wasn’t on our side as we had a BBQ invite  later during that day so as good as the weather was  we had a good three or so  hours to soak in the views & the classic ridge walk from Ard Crags to Knott Rigg.


Wainwright Guidebook

The North Western Fells

In fell-climbing (as in other pursuits) there is a difference between achievement and satisfaction. One’s sense of achievement is roughly in proportion  to altitude gained by effort, but one’s sense of satisfaction is not necessarily  governed by the same rule. Lonely Ard Crags offers, especially in August, a climb up to a personal heaven of one’s very own- at only 1800 feet


Ascent: 1,750 Feet  534 Meters
Wainwrights: 2, Ard Crags & Knott Rigg
Weather: Beautiful Clear Blue Skies, No Wind,  Highs Of 24° Lows Of 8°
Parking: Rigg Beck, Newlands Pass
Area: North Western
Miles: 5.3
Walking With: Owen Sharkey
Ordnance Survey: OL4
Time Taken:  

Map and Photo Gallery



Ard Crags from Rigg Beck,there was  a slight chill in the air as me & Owen kitted up, Owen threw on his hoodie only to take it off again as we left the shade of the car park.


Beautiful clear blue skies as we get our first sight of Ard Crags.


Scope End’s ridge forming Hindscarth under shade, the fell to the left is High Spy.


Owen steaming ahead as we head for Aiken Knott, not before a quick stop to take in some juicy Satsuma’s.


A silhouetted Cat Bells with The Dodds & the Helvellyn range clearly visible.


Robinsons Crags & Hindscarth as we ascend Aiken Knott.


Our ridge route on the right forming Knott Rigg with the High Stile & Red Pike in the background.


The unmistakable summit of Causey Pike with along  distant Blencathra in the background.


The only gripe I have about the walk in between Ard Crags & Knott Rigg was that this splendid ridge walk was over to soon, this well & truly put a smile on both our faces so much so Owen headed of without me..

Owen way ahead by now & I guess he just wanted to take in this classic of ridge walks all on his own


Zooming in on Keskdale Farm from some where near the summit.


The eastern slopes of Sail with its newly constructed zig-zag path heading towards Scar Crags, quite a few people in conversation I have spoke to regarding the new path call it a ‘blot’ on the landscape, me’ I quite like it.


After catching up with Owen I find him making his own contribution to the Ard Crag’s summit cairn.


Looking back along the ridge with Causey Pike, Blencathra & Cat Bells now enveloped in the spring sunshine.

Well done Owen, now its the short


Addacombe Hole (In Between Crag Hill & Sail) on a good day  Addacombe Hole can be spotted from miles around, & in some cases for me  I find it the best way to spot Crag Hill (Eal Crag).


I think this picture says it all, what a fantastic view towards High Crag, High Stile, Red Pike, Starling Dodd & Finally Great Borne.


Looking as far as the eastern Fells with Catstye Cam’s pinnacle summit peak in the background.


Knott Rigg summit cairn.


And maybe time for an exceptionally early lunch (10:51) I think it was just a great excuse just to take in all the views.


It was such a shame we had to head down.


Zooming in on Blencathra.


‘Outpost in the Newlands Valley’


Looking back up at Knott Rigg & its steep descent from the Newlands Pass.


Cat Bells & the hamlet of Liitle Town.


A close up of Cat Bells busy summit. I was glad to be down here & the crowds up there..


The new lambs are now gaining a little more weight.


Old farming equipment at Birk Rigg.


And a little further down the road at Rigg Beck this New build,  complete with solar panels & spiral staircase.

With making good time it was time to head home, today would of been a fantastic day to take in the fells but instead I have to go home & let someone else cook for me while I put my feet up with a nice cold one in my hand.


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