A short walk to Two Lads

27th October 2013

It was around about 11:30 this morning when I rang Dad asking him did he fancy accompanying me on a short walk over in Rivington.

Neither of us had much time today as we both had things to do during the latter end of the afternoon but that didn’t stop us enjoying a couple of hours together with my son Owen & our dog Holly & Dads Collie Bess.

I’ll pick yer up if yer want lad.

Within one hour Dad was outside my house as Owen, Myself & Holly took the twenty or so minute drive to Rivington.






Ascent: 383 Feet, 117 Meters
Summits: Two Lads
Weather: Over Cast & Blustery. Highs Of 15°C Lows Of 15°C
Parking: Wilderswoods Car Park, Georges Lane Horwich (SD651 124)
Area: West Pennine Moors
Miles: 2.2
Walking With: Albert & Owen Sharkey, Bess & Holly
Ordnance Survey: Explorer Map 287
Time Taken: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Route: Wilderswood – Makinson Moor – Wilderswood Moor – Two Lads – Wilderswood Moor – Wilderswood

Map and Photo Gallery



Georges Lane 15°C 13:05pm

We managed to park without effort at the Car Park which in twenty paces back from where I stood to take this photo.

With high winds predicted for much of the country over the weekend we made sure to wrap up a little more than we normally would for time of year.

We hook a left at the top of the brow just past the last house on the left where in the field behind were…


Two young & incredibly tame Lamas.

I’m not too sure what the dogs made of them as Bess poked her nose through the wire fence to take a sniff upon doing so the Lama to the right gave Bess a smooch right back.


Posing for the camera.


Rivington Pike seen from Makinson Lane.


Looking back on Wilderswood from Makinson Lane.


Rivington Pike under brooding skies.


Two Lads soon come into view as we let the dogs go free & enjoy the freedom of the hill side.


Here looking back over Wilderswood towards the town of Chorley & Anglezarke Reservoir.


Here the sun came out briefly as I took this photo over looking Bolton with distant views of Manchester.



Holly is our seven month old West Highland White Terrier who loves long walks in the wild as she demonstrates here naturally.

I think Holly is going to love the Lakeland fells.


Two Lads summit cairns.

After a short walk over Moorland we soon arrived at Two Lads which we had to ourselves, here the wind although mild was gusty to say the least something of which took my Dad by surprise a little.


Holly however, was in her element!


Clouds gather as we wind our way over the boggy moorland, here Rivington Pike & Anglezarke Reservoir come into view once more.


Holly enjoys a blast of wind which leaves me all the more confident she is going to love the Lakeland fells.


Winter Hill & the Telecommunication Mast from Wilderswood Moor.


Rivington Pike during another brief appearance from the sun.


Rivington Pike from Rivington Pike cottage.

It was only a couple of hours over windswept moorland but it was a great few hours spent with my Father & Son.

Two years ago this weekend I completed my Wainwrights on Angle Tarn Pikes, usually on the yearly anniversary I find myself back at Angle Tarn Pike to celebrate in my own way but this weekend the weather put a slight dampener on things.

Although I’m well over a hundred miles away today whilst walking the windswept moorland Angle Tarn was not forgotten, indeed I may make it there sooner than you think only this time with a little flash of lightening I call Holly.



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