The Outlying Fells, Cold Fell from Cold Fell Gate

14th April 2017

It was my first visit to Cockermouth and itI was fantastic to see how nice the Town looked especially in its Spring Bloom before crossing the A66 bound for Ennerdale and the Cold Fell Road. It had been forecast showers throughout the morning extending into the afternoon and upto now I had been lucky to avoid them as I kept a vigil eye whilst travelling further west it looked like the weather gods were playing on my side.

My second Outlying walk featured today takes in Cold Fell from Cold Fell Gate, another yet even simpler route to collect the summit before returning back to Cold Fell Gate the same way.

Cold Fell despite its less than modest altitude offers superb views over the Cumbrian Coast and in the other direction the loneliest of the western fells including Caw Fell, one of my favorite Lakeland summits.

It was a walk that I had expected to do alone for which the best part of was spent getting over a bit of shock, this is Cold Fell from Cold Fell Gate.

Wainwright Guide Book
The Outlying Fells

-Cold Fell

If, with the aid of a map only, you cannot not find the top of Cold Fell, then take some good advice old man, and pack it in.


Ascent: 260 Feet - 80 Metres
Outlying Fells: Cold Fell
Weather: Overcast With Some Bright Spells. Highs of 12°C Lows of 10°C
Parking: Cold Fell Gate
Area: Western
Miles: 1.25
Walking With: David Hall
Ordnance Survey: OL4
Time Taken: 45 Minutes
Route: Cold Fell Gate - Cold Fell - Cold Fell Gate

Map and Photo Gallery


Cold Fell from Cold Fell Road 11:38am 10°C

The clouds thickened overhead and the threat of rain looked imminent during my drive through Kirkland but there was still a glimmer of hope with blue skies arriving from the west which to be honest I had expected to be driving and walking through rain anyway meaning it was a bonus, even if the cloud remained low.

I arrived at Cold Fell Gate and found an empty car park which was a surprise after passing many a parked car along the Cold Fell Road, and many a cyclist too. Having threw my jacket on I was just debating whether or not I needed to take my pack and walking poles but thought it best I do anyway before locking my car and turned towards the track from where this walk starts when I got the surprise of my life.

A car I recognised appeared just up the road which looked like David's in fact I remember thinking "oh David has one of those, same colour too" when before I knew it actually turned out to be David! what, eh whats going on!

As it turned out David had set out to do one of his Fairfield project walks from Grasmere but was forced to turn back due to heavy rain, he returned home in his words "sulking" before Jennifer suggested "why don't you try and meet up with Paul" and after waiting at Wath Brow (my third Outlying walk starting point) David then travelled over the Cold Fell road knowing I had to be there, David's timing was downright impeccable!

David quickly kits up and soon we are both heading the short distance towards Cold Fell summit.

That's Dent in the distance.
A farmers track follows the waistline of the fell towards Side Farm and a stone wall which then rises south towards the summit of Cold Fell. However, today we are making a direct line for the summit just as Wainwright had by tracing a 'crows eye' ascent direct from Cold Fell Gate.

A close up of Sellafield Power Station.
Which is far larger than the actual village of Sellafield, in fact the Power Station is the size of a small town.

Cold Fell summit.
After a gentle rise we soon found ourselves at the summit, a marshy wet area of grassland occupied by grazing cattle...

...Found on the opposite side of the summit wall.

Seatallan and Caw Fell seen over Swainson Knott and Lank Rigg.

Views towards Swarth Fell, Blakley Rise, Grike and Lank Rigg.

Cold Fell Gate from the descent of Cold Fell with Dent seen over on the left.

Well, that was another short but fantastic walk and the rain held too. It's now time to head back onto the Cold Fell Road towards Ennerdale and Wath Brow on the edge of Cleator Moor where todays third and final walk starts from, its a journey that should only take around twenty minutes while taking in the views of both Dent and Flat Fell.



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