Walking the Birketts, Binsey

22nd December 2018

Well, three had turned into one and during the short drive through Uldale I mentally picked myself up and dusted myself down, by now I'm still wearing my over trousers which had semi dried out and my plan was to summit Binsey taking just my walking poles and camera.

Todays route isn't as straight forward as a simple up and down where after gaining the summit Birkett recommends to descend northwards then drop below West Crag before returning to Binsey Cottage via Binsey's west flank, a route that I had never taken and one which I was very much looking forward too even if the clag was just above my head.

The Complete Lakeland Fells
By Bill Birkett

-Binsey That famous Lakeland poet, John Peel, was content to live in Binseys shadow and called his pony after the fell.


Ascent: 575 Feet -175 Metres
Birketts: Binsey
Weather: Overcast but Dry. Low Cloud and Gust Over The Summits. Highs of 7°C Lows of 7°C
Parking: Roadside Parking, Binsey Lodge, Ireby
Area - Group: Northern - N/NOS
Miles: 2.5
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: OL4
Time Taken: 1 Hours 15 Minutes
Route: Binsey Lodge - Binsey - West Crag - Binsey Lodge

Roadside Parking, Binsey Cottage, Ireby
Nearest Post Code: CA7 1HH
Grid Reference: NY 235 351


Map and Photo Gallery


The view over Latrigg and Over Water from the start of my ascent.
While in the distance the Longlands fells are still very much below the cloud.

In the clag at just 1,200ft ABSL

Binsey summit cairn with the Trig Point in the distance.
Well whatever I told myself in the car between Aughertree Fell and Binsey Cottage certainly worked as I made the summit in just eighteen minutes from the car.

Binsey summit Trig Point.
It's a little eerie up here today with no one around except the clag and a little wind.

Continuing northwards along the summit crest.

I figure this is what our Christmas tree would look like at home if I was left to decorate it!
I continue north as the path starts to descend and veers left (west)

A crack of light over the west coast.
Through the cloud the head of West Crag appeared over to my left before the path continued in descent, a vague path continued north but here I steered left and finally dropped out of the cloud after crossing a stream, below an intake wall circumnavigates the west flank of the fell which I keep below while following a singular trod through weathered Hawthorns.


Looking back towards Caer Mote over on the left.

A streak of sunlight breaks through the cloud over Bassenthwaite Lake.

Continuing along the west flank I was able to witness what the forecasters had predicted which was the sunny spells which had been forecast to arrive by midday. By now it's nearing 2pm and sure enough the cloud began to break out west revealing miles of blue skies over the coast but for now the Lakeland fells retain their summit cloud.

The roof of Binsey Cottage is sighted as the path gradient increases slightly rising once again above the intake wall, levels then drops for the last hundred yards right at the same time I heard childrens screams coming the path above, it looks like a family are out enjoying Binsey along with some very well timed sunshine.


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