Walking the Birketts, Aughertree Fell

22nd December 2018

I'm sure I wont be the first nor the last to say that Aughertree Fell is little more than a hill and gaining its summit directly from the road side can take no more than twenty minutes, Aughertree Fell can be little more than a dog walk or you can explore the many grouse butts and disused quarries.

Aughertree Fell is one of the most northerly Birketts and therefore should be respected as such.

The Complete Lakeland Fells
By Bill Birkett

-Aughertree Fell Aughertree Fell is still considered to be the most northerly fell within the Lake District


Ascent: 165 Feet - 50 Metres
Birketts: Aughertree Fell
Weather: Overcast but Dry. Feeling Gusty. Highs of 7°C Lows of 7°C
Parking: Car Park, Above Uldale
Area - Group: Northern - N/NOS
Miles: About half a mile.
Walking With: Rod Hepplewhite
Ordnance Survey: OL4
Time Taken: About 25 Minutes
Route: Above Uldale - Aughertree Fell - Above Uldale

Car Park, Above Uldale
Nearest Post Code: CA7 1EP
Grid Reference: NY 262 374
Notes: A small car park can be found if traveling eastwards from Uldale on the left approximately half a mile prior to the junction with Longlands. There is spaces for up to four cars. Parking is free.


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Arriving at one of many Grouse Butts on Aughertree Fell.

We waved David off at Longlands and drove further north arriving at the Uldale to Caldbeck road within five minutes. We take a left and soon arrive at the parking spaces situated on the left hand side of the road. From the parking spaces Aughertree Fell grassy summit can indeed be seen but Birkett recommends to gain the summit in an anti-clockwise direction and the first port of call is this prominent mound which has been converted into a Grouse Butt which can also be seen from where we had left our cars.

Time taken to reach this Grouse Butt was no more than five minutes.

Aughertree Fell is straight ahead.
But instead of making a direct line for the summit we follow a wide grassy path situated off to the right.

Aughertree Fell summit cairn.
Ok, time to make our way back to the cars.

A cloud topped Binsey seen over the hamlet of Uldale.
We followed another grassy path back to the road passing an old gent out enjoying a walk with two very energetic Collies before arriving back on tarmac. By now boots had started to dry out but our boots were still soaked. Rod pointed out that he didn't quite fancy Binsey in the cloud and more importantly he knew if he left any later he'd get caught up on Christmas traffic so once back at the cars we shook hands and bid each other a 'Happy Christmas' not before arranging a cheeky walk on Christmas Eve where the forecast looked positively tropical.


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