Walking the Birketts, Heughscar Hill

23rd November 2019

After a week of dry weather the forecast turned upside down come the weekend which if often does at this time of year causing a little frustration for us outdoor types but what I'd like to know is how can a weather system tell what day it is?! Joking we're slap bang in the transition between Autumn and Winter and to be fair it's to be expected but that doesn't mean it's any less frustrating. With the forecast in mind myself and David got together and planned two short walks, a walk following Birketts route over Heughscar Hill followed by a jaunt up Great Mell Fell afterwards.

Todays first walk officially starts from the pay and display car park next to Pooley Bridge which is out of action due to the construction of the new bridge so a temporary car park has been put in place close to the junction of the A592 and the B5320 adding to this there is a footbridge for pedestrians only which makes life a little easier without having to drive the lengthy detour via Eamont Bridge.

We knew we were in for a soaking but that shouldn't stop us enjoying a morning on the hill on an otherwise bleak November morning.

The Complete Lakeland Fells
By Bill Birkett

-Heughcar Hill

Gentle and asscessible, this is a pleasent out over green turf and white limesone pavement.


Ascent: 740 Feet - 225 Metres
Birketts: Heughscar Hill
Weather: A Mild Start, Very Cloudy With Drizzle In The Air. Highs of 8°C Lows of 8°C
Parking: Temporary Car Park, Pooley Bridge
Area - Group: Far Eastern - E/LOA
Miles: 4.25
Walking With: David Hall
Ordnance Survey: OL5
Time Taken: 2 Hours
Route: Pooley Bridge - Roehead - Heughscar Hill - Heugh Scar - Roehead - Pooley Bridge

Parking Details and Map Temporary Car Park, Pooley Bridge
Nearest Post Code: CA11 0LL
Grid Reference: NY 464 243
Notes: A temporary car park can be found at the junction of the A592 and the B5320 just outside Pooley Bridge with room for up to thirty cars. Parking is free.


Map and Photo Gallery


Dawn over Ullswater here looking towards Arthur's Pike, Bonscale Pike and Hallin Fell 08:00am 8°C
Finding the temporary car park was easy where we had arranged to meet at 08:00am, I arrived first soon followed by David and after discussion we agreed that we wouldn't be needing our packs which were left in the cars taking just the essentials which included waterproofs, gloves, walking poles and my camera. It was a gloomy but tranquil start to the day at a point which we thought we'd be taking a royal soaking but it was actually a dry start although we weren't sure how long that was going to last.

Crossing the temporary footbridge over the River Eamont, Pooly Bridge.

This is in actual fact the temporary road bridge which has been made narrower then moved to allow the construction for the new bridge which is taking place over on the right. We both commented that if the foundations for the new bridge were anything to go by it won't be getting washed away anytime soon.

Completion for the new bridge is set for Spring 2020

Heading towards Roehead.
It was nice to see, despite the construction going on Pooley Bridge was still a hive of activity as we passed through the High Street before continuing along the tree lined lane towards Roehead.

Arthur's Pike from Roehead.
It's nice to see that we weren't the only ones braving the elements as we are passed by two fell runners followed by the sighting of a mountain biker heading for Arthur's Pike.

Heughscar Hill summit cairn.
Deep in conversation we ascended the easy grassy flanks of Heughscar Hill and soon arrived at the summit cairn, from here Birkett recommends to walk along the summit edge taking in Heugh Scar which is where we're heading next.

Ullswater with the Mell Fells in the distance.
That's Great Mell Fell seen beyond Little Mell Fell in the foreground, I wonder if the rain is going to hold off...

Arthur's Pike from above Roehead.
We left the summit and took the path directly back to Roehead at which point it started spitting which was followed by vertical drops of light rain.

Crossing the River Eamont.
Here's a shot of the foundations for the new bridge I spoke about earlier.

Lord Norman Birkett remembered just outside Pooley Bridge.

The light rain continued but it hadn't taken a single step of enjoyment out of the first out of two walks which had felt tranquil and very peaceful from start to finish, what a cracking two hours, it's now time to jump in the cars and head for Brownrigg Farm and Great Mell Fell.



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