Wigan Golf Club from Worthington Lakes

30th January 2020

It wasn't the best forecast to go out for a walk but after a busy working week I needed to clear my head even if it was only for a couple of hours. Worthington Lakes (reservoirs) are found just across town about 8 minutes drive away.

Worthington Lakes are a place I've only ever visited once before and that was during a mammoth mountain bike ride a few years ago so I don't really remember much about the place so Id thought I'd change that by doing a short walk before lunch.


Ascent: 155 Feet - 48 Metres
Wainwrights: N/A
Weather: Overcast & Gusty. Highs of 3°C Lows of 3°C
Parking: Worthington Reservoir Car Park
Area: Wigan
Miles: 2.5
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 276
Time Taken: 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Route: Worthington Lakes - Arley Wood - Wigan Golf Club - Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Wigan Golf Club - Arley Wood - Worthington Lakes

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: WN1 2XN
Grid Reference: SD 580 105


Map and Photo Gallery


Worthington Lakes 10:30am 3°C
Due to the nature of the reserve dogs aren't allowed so sadly I'm on my own today, Brad & Holly knew I was going out for a walk because they recognised my boots and were not impressed when I left them behind. It's said some folk do flout the rules regarding the walking of dogs here but I didn't see any today. The is one of two reservoirs which I'm walking around in an anti-clockwise direction before heading through Arley Woods towards Wigan Golf Club.

Worthington Lakes.
With the Water Works behind me I took this photo looking up one of the reservoirs from its southern tip. Also behind me are a young team who appear to be track runners warming up along with their coach. I'm heading for the wooded area seen on the other side of the lake now.

Scenic views, Worthington Lakes.
If there's one thing I've got used to walking through during this, and previous lockdowns is mud and today it wasn't in short supply!

Continuing through the woodland
Towards the Weir.

Tame Robin.

A peep of the River Douglas in Arley Wood as I approach the Weir.

Here the southern end of the Reservoir flows downhill towards the River Douglas.

Footbridge over the River Douglas, Alrley Wood.
After crossing the River Douglas I head up the track seen right.

Wigan Golf Course.
Still in fine fettle even though the club is closed.

Wigan Golf Club surrounded by a 12th Century Moat.
That's a pretty prestige club!

Wigan Golf Course.

Wigan Golf Club.
Formerly Arley Hall who's foundations date back to 1137

Black Swan.
Stunning creature.

The River Douglas.
As it meanders through Arley Woods.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Arley Woods.
It wasn't my intention to visit the Leeds & Liverpool canal but seeing as I was close I thought why not. It was only a very short section from the Golf Course to this bridge before I returned to the grounds of the Golf Club.

To the west of the Colf Club.
Stands this 18th Century stone folly.

Back on the River Douglas (locally known as the River Dougie)
I left the Golf Club behind and retraced my steps making sure I didn't slip on a very muddy incline I'd ascended earlier.

Passing the most northerly Reservoir.
Finding myself back at the Weir I thought I'd include a walk around the second northerly reservoir but reaching it required the use of levitation in order to by pass the mud, seeing as I can't fly I best do with walking through it. The path was so overcome by mud I had to straddle the paths edges and waddle my way through! I must have looked a right nutter.

The grass dam/banking dividing the reservoirs.
With Arley woods in the distance.

Worthington Lakes.
I might only have managed to grab just under two hours of exercise this morning in an area that I didn't know at all. The highlight of the walk had to be the 12th Century Moat and its majestic black Swan but let's not forget the posing Robin.


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