Around Wigan Flashes

5th April 2021

The wind had really whipped up during the night so much so I had to secure garden furniture down around 10:30pm. We half expected to find some damage when we opened the blinds this morning but thankfully nothing was broken.

It was still windy but a bright and beautiful day so after our daughter had picked up Penny our Grandchild (we were babysitting last night) I wrapped up and took Brad & Holly out for a local dog walk around Wigan Flashes.


Ascent: N/A
Wainwrights: N/A
Weather: Bright, Sunny & Windy. Highs of 7°C Lows of 5°C
Parking: N/A
Area: Wigan Flashes Local Nature Reserve
Miles: 4
Walking With: Brad & Holly Dogs
Ordnance Survey: 287
Time Taken: 1 Hours 40 Minutes
Route: Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Westwood Flash - Pearson's Flash - Turner's Flash - Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Bryn Flash - Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Map and Photo Gallery

Westwood Flash 13:30pm 7°C
Two days ago I'd cut the lawns wearing just shorts and T-shirt, today I'm back to wearing jeans, hoodie and a jacket and had a pair of gloves stuffed in my pockets just in case. To be honest you didn't feel the cold after a while because the sun did have a little warmth to it in sheltered places like here at the side of Westwood Flash.

Next we pass Pearson's Flash.
We three were on the other side of Pearson's Flash a couple of days ago where a JCB had been draining reed beds ready for the Summer, it's a great area to explore but the JCB had used and subsequently muddied up all the paths deeming them impassable until the mud settles and dries up.

Turner's Flash.
It's not very often I visit Turner's Flash which is largely surrounded by Reed but there are a few places us locals know where you can access the water side just like here. I arrived just after a father and son were leaving who remarked how clear the water was...It's a great spot I replied but I wasn't so sure about the clarity of the water which I kept to myself.

Turner's Flash.

Back on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
I left Turner's Flash and made my way towards Moss Bridge which I crossed and joined the tow path on t'other side. This section of tow path was notoriously muddy but it looks like Wigan Flashes LNR (local nature reserve) have put down a layer of hard core over the mud which will make a huge difference to anyone using this path who normally plan their local walks while avoiding it including myself.

My favourite lake of them all.
Bryn Flash.

Bryn Flash.
Normally Id be trying to take photos while holding Brad & Holly who sometimes wrap me up or worse head straight for the water whilst still on their leads so today to ensure I'm not pressured while taking a few snaps I tied them up - it's fair to say that Brad was pretty vocal at being tied up. 30 seconds later (and to prevent WW3 from happening) I untied them both and took in the views.

Bryn Flash.
What a place.

I think Ray Mears has been visiting.
Whatever it is Brad seemed to like it!

What owning two Westies is actually like.

Brad: "Holly it's just some sticks that the humans have made into a shelter looking thing"

Holly "I know but it looks weird I think I'll go and investigate"

Brad: If you're going I'm going"

Holly: "But you've just been Brad"

Brad: "I know but there's a blade of grass I didn't sniff that has my nose all over it"

Dad: "Good grief it's going to be dark by the time I get home with these two!"


Crossing the brook using the wooden footbridge.
I think Brad is talking to me now...

Passing through more woods.
On the outskirts of Ocre Flash as we make our way towards Scotsman Flash.

Sunny but definitely chilly.
Here at Scotsman Flash.

Scotsman Flash.

It's been a cracking couple of hours and I can tell Brad and Holly have enjoyed themselves because they've both slowed down after sniffing every blade of grass, barking at dad and looking at the birdies.

Back to work tomorrow where does the time go eh.


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