Evening bike ride to Haigh Hall & back

3rd August 2021

All good things must come to an end and potentially it was looking like the weekend was going to be a washout, the last thing I wanted was to waste one of the last nice evenings before the rain arrived.

With the nights drawing it a little closer this evenings bike ride saw me arrive home from work at the usual time of 6:45pm before I gulped a down my tea (or dinner depending on your persuasion) then I was on the peddles by 7:10pm


Ascent: 634 Feet - 193 Metres
Wainwrights: N/A
Weather: Warm & Sunny. Highs of 22°C Lows of 18°C
Parking: N/A
Area: Wigan
Miles: 10.6
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 276
Time Taken: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Route: Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Britannia Bridge - Rose Bridge - Top Lock - Haigh Hall Plantations - Haigh Hall - School Lane - Pendlebury Lane - Top Lock - Rose Bridge - Britannia Bridge - Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Map and Photo Gallery

Looking towards Lock 82 from Lock 83
It was a busy evening along the canal with anglers, dog walkers and families all taking advantage of the last of the warm sunshine before the rain arrives tomorrow afternoon.

Top lock (Bridge 66)
You can just see the Lock Keeps Cottage below the tree over on the left...I'm sure I hear the distinct chugging of a canal boat passing through the lock up ahead.

Looking back on Cale Lane bridge from the top of Wigan Flight.

Top Locks.
Aye I was right a canal boat is passing through sadly out of shot between the locks. The owner, a loud but very friendly gent informs on lookers he's earned himself a beer or two after guiding his boat through 18 locks ... earned it I thought, 'I'll bloody buy him one'

Lock Keepers Cottage at Top Lock complete with cobbles.
I recived an hello from the Lock Keepers wife who had just been watering her planters as I rode past.

Monk Hall Bridge from Top Lock.
The owner of the canal boat uses a rake to disperse the green algae which is widespread in the canal at this time of year.

Anam Cara.
After passing through a gate I to head towards Haigh Hall Park bridge a couple of miles away, the scenery from here on an warm Summers evening is second to none.

Hidden within the trees...
...Haigh Hall Park Bridge.

Haigh Hall broad side.
Looking stunning in the evening light.

Haigh Hall Golf Course.
Looks like I'm way to early to catch the sunset.

But gorgeous all the same.

Haigh Courtyard.

I was hoping the courtyard hadn't of been locked just to show you at home how it once looked as the former stables to Haigh Hall. Most of the brickwork is original and what isn't has been renovated. The inside of the courtyard is still cobbled although gone are the stable doors which have been replaced by a souvenir shop, a small bar and tea room.

As kids my parents would bring me and my brother here in the chill of Winter to walk through the grounds hands cupped around a mug of hot chocolate the tea rooms served, I did exactly the same with my own children - not much has changed except for the prices.

Evening light.
Over a wheat field adjoining Pendlebury Lane.

Bridge 62 Pendlebury Lane.
Back on the canal now as I head back towards Haigh Park bridge after cycling a loop of the golf course.

By eck...
...I can't believe this time tomorrow its going to be lashing it down.

Sunsetting over fields.
With Standish in the distance.


Sennicar Bridge.
It wasn't the scenery which caught my eye here but Clegg and Compo from Last of the Summer Wine chatting away on top of the bridge, such a rare heart warming site these days whoever they are.

Almost back at Haigh Park Bridge now.
Taken from the the little humpback bridge where the canal flows into a idyllic pond just off to the right, sorry no photos as there were to many anglers.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it looks like Autumn has arrived.
But its just the glorious evening light against the trees.

Time to head home now.

Eckersley Mill and Trencherfield Mill from Henhurst Bridge, Wigan.
I hope you enjoyed this evenings bike ride as much as I did sharing it.


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