Between the downpours, Winter Hill from Georges Lane

6th August 2021

With much of the country experiencing rain this weekend I'd set myself up for a three day home staycation and bored by watching the rain pour down the windows by mid afternoon I I was becoming fidgety, I'm just not good at doing nothing.

I checked the forecast which looked as wet as it did this morning and without really thinking about it I went upstairs and changed into my walking gear "where you going in this" Paula asked? "Winter Hill" I replied "you bloody madman"


Ascent: 658 Feet - 201 Metres
Summits: Winter Hill
Weather: Heavy Downpours Throughout With Gusts At Height. Highs of 19°C Lows of 14°C
Parking: Georges Lane, Horwich
Area: West Pennine Moors
Miles: 5
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 287
Time Taken: Hours Minutes
Route: Georges Lane - Rotary Way Transmitter Station - Winter Hill - Transmitter Station - Rotary Way - Georges Lane

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: BL6 6RS
Grid Reference: SD 658 117


Map and Photo Gallery


Winter Hill from Rotary Way 15:50pm

It was actually sunny when I left home but the closer I drove to Horwich the darker the clouds became until spots of rain started to hit my windscreen and by the time I'd parked up at Georges Lane those spots had turned in the first of many downpours I'd experience this afternoon. Looking back over Horwich I could see the sun was still shining over Wigan but that view brought little comfort as the rain clattered against my car. The thought of "what the hell am I doing here" did cross my mind as my windows started to steam up "it's just a shower, it'll soon pass" I thought but several minutes later I was still listening to the rain battering the windows.

Eventually the rain eased and the clouds lightened which was my queue to exit the car. I'm packing extremely light, no pack, no poles just a waterproof jacket, shorts, boots and mobile phone for taking pictures.

Looking back on Two Lads from Rotary Way.
The rain held as I left Georges Lane and turned right onto Rotary Way before beginning the steep slog up past the cattle grid until Two Lads came into view where I spotted the silhouette of a chap and his two dogs standing at the summit. There's only one reason why the chap was silhouetted and that's because it had gone dark again and moments later a band of rain passed unleashing a downpour so heavy as it hit the ground it looked like it was trying to bounce back into the sky. My Rab waterproof jacket kept my core dry but my fast drying anti-wicking Mountain Equipment shorts couldn't hold off the rain and within minutes I was soaked through to the boxers.

Winter Hill transmitter mast from Rotary Way.
Aside the drenching I was actually enjoying myself, you don't normally plan a walk in the rain and when you do it feels quite liberating, spiritual even.

Oh look blue skies.
Beyond the mast support cables.

Winter Hill summit.
The summit itself lies behind the third transmitter now just a short distance away.

Winter Hill summit.
It looks like the summit trig point has been treated to a lick of paint, it was far too wet and boggy to see if the red rose of Lancashire had been touched up on the other side.

Between the downpours.
The sun did try to poke through here looking towards the Fylde coast.

Heavy downpour over Chorley.
It was nice to watch the rain unleash from a distance instead of from directly overhead. The shower looks far away but it's actually moving towards Winter Hill as I calculate it I've only got about ten minutes of walking left until I reach the car which should be plenty of time.



My jacket was almost completely dry and although still damp, my shorts were doing their job too. That was until the fringes of the downpour I'd photographed over Chorley reached me starting firstly with a pitter patter before the taps were turned on full. I was less than five minutes from the car when I took this photo but what the hey, it's only rain and believe it or not I've really enjoyed this afternoons walk.

Walking in the rain isn't just about being miserable and getting wet, the rain clouds were magnificent to watch and with it came light so dramatic I actually forget about the soaking I was taking.


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