Place Fell from Martindale New Church

11th September 2021

Without going too much into it life is pretty hectic right now with work and my Father being in hospital, not being able to visit Dad only adds to the frustration but I guess we should be thankful Dad is responding to treatment but he isn't out of the woods just yet. Due to everything that's going on it's difficult for me to commit to arrangements and I felt awful letting the guys down this weekend.

By Friday evening I told myself given that the forecast for the fells wasn't the best I'd use my weekend to recoup but I guess the lure of the Lakeland got the better of me and by Saturday lunchtime I was checking the forecast for a short (ish) evening walk.

It's been nearly three years since I last walked Place Fell which considering I'm very fond of the fell I was surprised, it somehow, doesn't seem that long ago. I have always held a special bond with Place Fell which was my 213th summit back when I first completed the Wainwrights, hell yeah I was saving the best until last.

I spied a weather window towards the end of the day which I didn't hold too much hope for but in the end I was treated to some lovely evening light at a time of the day when it seemed the fells were settling in for the night, but there was time for one last visitor before they did.

Wainwright Guide Book Two
The Far Eastern Fells

Place Fell

On a first visit to Patterdale, Place Fell should be an early objective , for no other viewpoint gives such an appreciation of the design of this lovely corner of Lakeland.



Ascent: 1,714 Feet - 523 Metres
Wainwrights: Place Fell
Weather: Predominently Cloudy With Some Spells Of Sunshine, Windy Across The Tops. Highs of 19°C Lows of 17°C
Parking: Car Park, Martindale New Church
Area: Far Eastern
Miles: 6
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: OL5
Time Taken: 3 Hours 10 Minutes
Route: Martindale New Church - Boredale - Boredale Hause - Round How - Place Fell - Low Moss - Boredale Beck - Garth Heads - Martindale New Church

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: CA10 2NF
Grid Reference: NY 435 619
Notes: There are actually two car parks at Martindale New Church one of which is next to the Church itself and on the opposite side to the car park there is off road parking for around half a dozen well parked cars. Parking is free at both sites.


Map and Photo Gallery


Beda Fell. Winter Crag, Place Fell and High Dodd from Martindale New Church 15:40pm 19°C

I guess most folk were thinking the same and didn't venture onto the fells after reading the forecast, but despite the cloud there was some lovely light around when I arrived at the car park ar Martindale New Church where I parked easily at the parking spaces opposite the church car park. With half the worry of parking now gone I let out a sigh of relief, opened my boot and started to lace up my boots. It was a blustery afternoon but warm and there was no need to add another layer over my T-Shirt but I pack my soft shell under the lid of my pack given if it's this blustery at valley level it's going to feel treble that across the tops.

More cars leave as I carry out my final checks before locking the car and headed off in the direcion of the Boredale valley which in my opinion is the best way to ascend Place Fell by.

Sleet Fell, High Dodd and Place Fell from the Hause, Martindale.
Just in case you were wondering that's Winter Crag behind the tree over on the left.

Gowbarrow Fell seen beyond Sandwick and Ullswater.
I descended the Hause in glorious sunshine then crossed Sandwick Beck via the bridge below Hause Farm. By now I could see the summit of Hallin Fell which had a good number of people stood around the obelisk taking in the views and soaking up the late afternoon sunshine.

Approaching Boredale Head.
Despite feeling mild and breezy it had clouded over leaving any remaining sunlight confined to the higher slopes.

The last push onto Boredale Hause.
The climb out of Boredale is quite steep but with with a good path underfoot it's hardly noticed.

Long distant views over the Boredale valley.
Towards Hallin Fell with Place Fell seen left, it seems the sun has just come back out yet given how much cloud there is I'm not sure for how long.

The view across Boredale Hause.
Towards Angletarn Pikes, Stony Rigg and Rake Crag.

Looking across Boredale Hause.

Towards Hartsop Dodd, Caudale Moor, St Raven's Edge, Middle Dodd, Red Screes, High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag, Dove Crag and the Hartsop above How ridge seen right not forgetting Brothers Water seen centre.

Footnote: Due to the low light I pack my DSLR away and use my mobile phone to take the rest of the walks photos.

The view over the head of the Boredale valley with Angletarn Pikes seen right.
It looks like Red Crag is experiencing a hint of sunshine towards the east.

Beautiful and dramatic.
The ridge in the near foreground is that off Beda Fell and Bedafell Knott with The Nab just beyond. Red Crag is still seen with a dapple of sunshine while moving further right towards Raven Howe and High Raise (Martindale) come into view.

From Round How on Place Fell.
I take in the view over Patterdale towards Arnison Crag, Trough Head, Birks and St Sunday Crag while Dove Crag and Hart Crag can be seen left moving further right the summits of Fairfield, Dollywagon Pike and Helvellyn are all below cloud.

Place Fell summit looms closer.

Mug shot.
I've lost count how how many times I turn my mobile phone camera onto selfie mode by accident so I thought why not ...

Good stuff.

A close up of Nethermost Pike and Helvellyn below cloud.
With Catstye Cam and Birkhouse Moor seen right.

It's a tad blustery up here.
Place Fell summit.

Distant views of Ullswater.
While in the foreground High Dodd and Hallin Fell come into view.

High Dodd.
If time wasn't against me I would have included in High Dodd into this evenings walk but sadly it's not to be.

Sleet Fell and Hallin Fell.
Seen as I start my descent back into Boredale.

Evening light over Hallin Fell and Bonscale Pike.
With Loadpot Hill seen further right and Steel Knotts (Pikeawassa) seen foreground.

Beda Fell and Bedafell Knotts seen over Boredale.
Despite a thick coating of Bracken I was able to descend quite quickly where I passed a young mother, her daughter and two dogs who howled as they stopped to let me pass, the young girl apologised but there was really no need.

Steel Knotts (Pikeawassa)

Beda Fell and Bedafell Knotts.
Almost time to cross Boredale Beck below.

Hallin Fell from Boredale.
With the wall reached I pass through it at the sty up ahead then pass through the field seen right.

Amazing views back into Boredale.
I'm really loving the colour of that sky, flipping fantastic,

Beda Fell from Boredale.
After crossing the field I pass through the gate before crossing Boredale Beck via the clapper bridge seen far left.

Crossing Sandwick Beck.
Where Sandwick Beck flows into Howgrain Beck.

Beda Fell, Winter Crag, Place Fell and High Dodd from Martindale New Church.

For some distance I could still hear the young girl talking to her mum which after a while faded into the distance. It's nearing 7pm now and despite there only being around 45 minutes of light left the last hour of daylight was blessed with warm sunshine as the clouds cleared leaving huge gaps of blue.

No matter the length of walk regaining the top of the Hause always feels much steeper than it should and this evening it felt no different. By now the wind had also died down and by the time my car was reached I was itching to loose the jacket. On reaching my car I strip down and instantly feel a rush of warm air escape me, next I untied my laces and eased off my boots which I swapped for my North Face lows before peering over towards Place Fell for one last time while wondering was I the last to summit her before she settled in for the night.

Ullswater, Howtown and Bonscale Pike from the top of the Hause.

Almost the end of another day.


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