Evening ride out

23rd September 2021

As the nights draw in getting out on the bike after work is becoming increasingly difficult returning home while illuminating the towpath with my new fandangle 600 Lumen front light (psst I dont know what that means)

As the nights drew in I made the most of it getting out most evenings sometimes my phone camera doesn't even leave my pocket or if I do stop to take photos I generally just leave them on my phone, I thought tonights ride out was another which deserved to be shared.


Ascent: 1,893 Feet - 578 Metres
Wainwrights: N.A
Weather: Highs of °C Lows of °C
Parking: N/A
Area: N.A
Miles: 10.6
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 287
Time Taken: Hours Minutes
Route: Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Britannia Bridge - Rose Bridge - Top Lock - Haigh Hall Plantations - Haigh Hall - School Lane - Pendlebury Lane - Top Lock - Rose Bridge - Britannia Bridge - Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Map and Photo Gallery

Looking up the Wigan Flight.

I left work early and by 6:20pm I was home changing into my cycling shorts and base layer. After filling up my water bottle I left the house and within minutes I was changing up through the gears between two sets of local locks when all of a sudden I'd ridden through a wall of flies which I just about managed not to swallow but my eyes were already watering ... damn it in my haste to get out I'd forgotten to add my Sinner sunglasses. I had one of those 'do I don't I' turn round moments before hankering on the front brake and spinning around, I was less than 3 minutes away from the house what's it gonna cost.

I returned home and collected my sunglasses from the inside lid pocket of my pack and before I knew it I was peddling out again only this time concentrating on making up a few minutes of lost time.

Views towards Top Lock.
I'm getting out that often of an evening I'm starting to get the odd nod from local fisherman as I ride past including one from the chap you see under the tree over on the left.

Top Lock.
Within 20 minutes I'd made it to Top Lock which I was pretty pleased at because if you use Google maps to time the journey it says it's a one hour ride, mmm even taking your time that time just seems way off.

Looking down on Wigan Flight.
From Top Lock.

Top Lock.
The last (or first) flight of locks if you're ascending/descending the Wigan Flight by canal boat.

Looking back on Top Lock.
There's a few gates I have to pass through which involves getting off the bike and using the gate which I do by tipping my bike onto its back wheel, entering the gate backwards then I use the front wheel to push the gate open which I've got to a fine art now.

Cloudless skies...
...as I take in the view over the farmers fields towards Haigh.

Tree lined Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
Which catch the light of the setting sun.

Haigh Hall Plantations.
The ride through the Plantations is quite hilly including this section which winds its way towards the Hall.

Sun setting over Haigh Golf Club.
There's quite a few people out jogging this evening some of which seem tied to gyms as they seem to jog in large groups. Not long now before the sun sets so I better get a shifty on if I want to view it from what's becoming one of my favourite viewing locations around town.

Gate, Pendlebury Lane, Haigh.
It's just a simple gate post but the view from here is incredible.

Sun setting over Wigan from Pendlebury Lane.
This was my Father's stomping ground when he was a kid which I'm really connecting with lately more so with him being in and out of hospital at the moment, there's definitley a spiritual thing going on here.


Pendlebury Lane sunset.
Just a few minutes left now.

Back on the Leeds & Liverpool canal.
As the sun descended below the horizon I linked back up with the canal and started to make my way home.

Eckersley Mill and Trencherfield Mill from Henhurst Bridge, Wigan.

I left it as late as I could before switching on my headlight but before heading straight for home I diverted slightly and made my way to Henhurst Bridge to take in the view over Trencherfield Mill.

The sun had long set and there was even a slight nip to the air as I span around and made my way home all the while looking forward to a hot shower and tea.


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