Spitlers Edge, Redmond's Edge & Great Hill

19th June 2022

Having worked yesterday I thought I'd give myself the weekend off but it started to brighten up around midday so I thought why not treat Holly and Brad to an area of Winter Hill where they've never walked before, Great Hill via Spitlers Edge and Redmond's Edge.

I was last here during lockdown on a bitterly cold winters day where it was difficult to think of anything other than the windchill. Today the temperature is in the late teens and unlike my last visit I'm able to take in the bleakness of the moor while listening to Lapwings under the broadest of skies.


Ascent: 380 Feet - 115 Metres
Summits: Great Hill
Weather: A Mix of Cloud & Sunshine. Feeling Warm. Highs of 18°C Lows of 18°C
Parking: Roadside Parking, Rivington Road, Rivington
Area: West Pennine Moors
Miles: 4.5
Walking With: Holly & Brad
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 287
Time Taken: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Route: Rivington Road - Hordern Pasture - Spitlers Edge - Redmond's Edge - Great Hill - Redmond's Edge - Spitlers Edge - Hordern Pasture Rivington Road

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: BL7 8BA
Grid Reference: SD 654 158


Map and Photo Gallery


Looking towards Spitlers Edge from Rivington Road 14:00pm 18°C

i hadn't a real plan where to walk as I was going to think of something during the drive to Rivington which proved difficult due to Holly and Brad acting like over excited 3 year olds which other than the road, commanded the rest of my attention. The quickest and easiest way to gain Great Hill I suppose is from Belmont Road but I wanted to take it easy and enjoy the moorland rather than a quick hop up to the summit. I was able to park easily next to a motor home whose owners were sat enjoying a cuppa with their two German Shepherds which excited Holly and Brad even more, not sure why because their barking scared the life out of me.

I quickly locked up and once we were out of sight of the German Shepherds let Holly and Brad off their leads to have a run around. Brad sprinted off into the long grass while Holly found some sheep poo she quite liked the smell of and decided to roll in it. Considering that Holly hates being bathed you'd think being a lady an all that she'd try her best to keep clean, nope!

Winter Hill from Spitlers Edge.
Legend has it the name Spitlers Edge derives from Medieval Times when the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem used this route when travelling to their holdings in this district.

Great Hill appears.
As we leave Spitlers Edge behind for Redmond's Edge.

Great Hill from Redmond's Edge.
The vast majority of Redmond's Edge is paved which was funded by the National Lottery back in 2017.

Pendle Hill is seen from Great Hill cross shelter.

I arrived around the same time as a chap who had ascended from White Coppice who had an aging Terrier with him. The chap asked me how old Holly and Brad were and I soon found it that he had recently lost Meg, his 17 year old Westie and that was it, twenty minutes later there we were like we'd known each other for years sharing photos from our phones of our Westies past and present.

Looking North West over the Lancashire plain.
The sun had come out which just changed the moorland scenery in the blink of an eye. Great Hill and its surrounding moors may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love this kind of terrain.

Jubilee Tower on Darwen Hill.
Commonly known as Darwen Tower...I really must get over there sometime.

Time to head back now.
The chap I'd been speaking to left and I was joined by an elderly chap who I'd passed earlier so I also left and let him have the summit to himself.

Spitlers Edge from Redmond's Edge.
With Winter Hill beyond.

Miss stinky pot.
I can't take her anywhere.

Brad not that way...
...it's this way.

One last look over Redmond's Edge towards Great Hill.
Before we link up with Spitlers Edge again.

Winter Hill from Spitlers Edge.
With Belmont Road (track) coming into view over on the right.

Winter Hill from Spitlers Edge.

Winter Hill seen beyond Hordern Pasture.

We had the moorland to ourselves as we doubled back and enjoyed the sunshine all the way back to Rivington Road where before I let Holly and Brad back into the car I poured them out some water which they both walloped down at the same time before opening the passenger door to let Brad curl down on the floor and her ladyship sit on an old towel that I'd laid over the passenger seat.

Brad however, soon got up and as always requested the window be wound down so he could poke his head out while Holly lovingly gazed up at me with "it's only sheep poop Dad" written across her face.


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