Rivington Pike Sunset

26th July 2022

After a crappy day in work all I could think about was getting home to take Brad and Holly out to blow away the cobwebs.

It wasn't the best start to the day weather wise but come evening the sun came out and by all accounts it looked like it was going to be a cracking sunset so after a quick bite to eat I I left home for Winter Hill and within ten minutes of locking the car the stress of the day started to peel away.


Ascent: 610 Feet - 186 Metres
Wainwrights: N/A
Weather: Warm & Sunny. Highs of 17°C Lows of 14°C
Parking: Car Park, Wilderswood
Area: West Pennine Moors
Miles: 4.5
Walking With: Brad & Holly Dogs
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 287
Time Taken: 1 Hours 20 Minutes
Route: Wilderswood - Two Lads - Crooked Edge Hill - Pike Cottage - Rivington Pike - Pike Cottage - Wilderswood

Map and Photo Gallery


Apparently two polar bears escaped from the zoo.
Brad and Holly aren't regular passengers maybe just once or twice a month and this is how they spend most of the outward bound journeys like two over excited polar bears sniffing the air whilst poking their heads out of the window. Brad's nose reflecting in the mirror glass cracked me up.

Winter Hill transmitter mast seen beyond Two Lads.
I parked the car at Wilderswood car park and walked the short distance towards the gate which opens out onto the path for Two Lads. Its a beautiful evening and much clearer than it had been of late.

Through a gap in the wall Rivington Pike appears.
We'll be over there soon.

Great views...
...as I look back towards the town of Horwich and the University Stadium of Bolton which is still know locally as the Reebok Stadium. Its so clear in the distance you can see the outline of the Snowdonia Mountains.

Adam Hill from Two Lads summit.
I had a good hour before sunset and really dropped it down a gear while making the short ascent on Two Lads. The light up here was fantastic.

Winter Hill from Two Lads summit.
With Rotary Way seen towards the right.

Holly bob.
Its very rare I get to take a photo of Holly but sometimes when she's walking in not so familer territory she walks behind me instead of at the side and if I'm quick enough I can grab a quick photo as she comes to a stop.

She's such a lady.

Meanwhile this crackpot...
...was exploring here there and everywhere. Brad and Holly are the same age but not related and can be very protective of one another but off the leads they are poles apart.

Rivington Pike from Pike Cottage.
We left Two Lads and walked across Crooked Edge Hill where recent rains had moistened the peaty ground which was just firm enough to hold my weight. Coming here on a week night is completely different to being here at the weekend. I haven't seen a soul but I can see a few people up at Rivington Pike summit, no wonder just look at that sunset.

Brad and Holly.
Get acquainted with the locals.

Walking into direct sunlight.
As we head towards Rivington Pike seen over on the right. Blimey my eyes are going to have to adjust after this.

Looking back on Two Lads (left) and Adam Hill (right)
With Pike Cottage behind the trees in the foreground and Wilderswood over on the right.

Even Brad appreciates a good sunset...
...either that or he's been over dosing on the Weetabix!

Rivington Pike.
Its a Tuesday evening in the middle of July and most of the people here are young couples here to watch the sun go down. Not every one was coupled up it was nice to a see a young girl with her two collies sat on the grass just taking in the view.

Brad is like me he gets board easily and he lets you know by barking into thin air and wagging his tail. Folk started to look over and smile but after five minutes of hearing Brad's 'look at me I'm barking because I'm happy' it felt like I was ruining folks personal time so I got down on the grass and gave Brad a cuddle which Holly had to get in on then took the next few photos.

Flipping stunning.

In this photo you can see Blackpool Tower over on the right.
Its a school night and even though I want too I won't be staying until the sun has fully set.


It was so clear I could even see the outline of the Lakeland fells.
Which are a staggering 50 - 60 miles away as the crow flies. Thats Black Combe over on the left venturing right towards the Coniston, Eskdale and Langdale fells.

One last photo...
...before its time to go.

Rivington Pike sunset.
As soon as we're on the move again Brad charged down Rivington Pike while Holly marched alongside. It felt like a while until it would go completely dark but even now lights were starting to appear. By the time I passed Pike Cottage it I spotted the outline of a fell runner running across Crooked Edge Hill towards Two Lads who would of had a great view of the sun setting which by now was lowering into a cloud base illuminating the cloud above in a vivid blood red. If only I'd stayed another fifteen minutes I thow't but like I say there's no better way to clear your head than to spend it with two yapping polar bears out on't moor.


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